Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring March 15, 2004

Timor Leste International and Local Media Monitoring March 15, 2004


I wont resign, says PM

The Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that he will not resign over the allegations that he took bribes from ConocoPhillips. He said he would not give the Opposition an opportunity to make political milage out of the issue. He said: "My conscience is ruling me, not party A, B or C". Dr Alkatiri said that the President had asked him not to talk about the allegations otherwise people will make it as a political issue.

PM needs to face the consequences, says Lobato

A Member of the National Parliament from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Lucia Lobato, said that if she was the Prime Minister, she would resign due to the political scandal about the allegation of bribery. She said that such scandals have political consequences and that the world knows it is better for him to resign. Mrs Lobato said that the Prime Minister should resign until the court makes a final decision on the alleged bribe case.

No legal base for the Oceanic Exploration

A Portuguese lawyer, Miguel Galvão Teles, said that the Oceanic Exploration (Petrotimor) has no legal base to take ConocoPhillips to court over the rights for exploration based on the Portuguese legislation. He said that Oceanic Exploration does not have much experience in drilling for oil. Mr Teles said that he had warned the Prime Minister after the Australian court case about the possibility of the case again appearing, in another jurisdiction, and this is what has happened. (Miguel Galvão Teles was the lawyer who represented Portugal in the International Court in Haia, Holland, in a move against Australia and Indonesia after they found agreement to explore the oil and natural gas in the Timor Sea during the Indonesian occupation).

Timor Post

IRI launches children's book aimed at explaining Parliament and Democracy

During a book launch entitled "Faty ho Noi nia Aventura ba Parlamento" (Faty and Noi's adventures in Parliament) the resident program officer from the International Republican Institute (IRI), Riche Smot Kin, said that the objective of the book is to teach school children in primary schools how to help develop democracy in this country. He said the books will be distributed throughout the country, not only for children but adults also.

Secondary school without teachers

The Director of the Secondary School in the District of Baucau, Carlos de Jesus Belo, said that the school has 675 students but has few teachers, and a lack of facilities. He said that the school has 30 teachers but 16 of them are working on voluntary bases. Mr Belo said that the students are contributing USD$1 a month to help pay the voluntary teachers some salary. He said that the school has not yet received any support form the Department of Education.

CDE started in Baucau

The Manager for the Centre of Managerial Development (CDE) in the District of Baucau, Papito Monteiro, said that the centre has started training small business men how to develop capacity in managing their business. He said that so far, 50 people have registered to attend the course.

Vice-Minister of State is making official visits to the districts

The Vice-Minister of State, Ilda Maria da Conceicao, said that the main objective of her visit to the districts is to implement discipline to the public civil servants. She said that the reason is the Government has received reports about undisciplined civil servants. Mrs da Conceicao said that the report shows that some civil servants do not comply with their working hours they have other jobs on the side.

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