Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring March 22, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring March 22, 2004


I will take some newspapers to court, says PM

The Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that he will take some newspapers to court over the allegations of bribery by ConocoPhillips. He cited articles published in Portuguese and local newspapers that diminished his image. The Prime Minister added that he has hired a lawyer in Dili to bring action against local newspapers as well as some members of the National Parliament who he says defamed him. Dr Alkatiri said that he has appointed lawyers from Portugal, United States, Australia and Timor-Leste who are now working together to take action. The Prime Minister said that he will not reveal the lawyers names to protect them from being disturbed by journalists. Asked what the he will do with the money won from a successful court case the Prime Minister said that he will use the money to repair the national radio and television. (the building and the equipment)

The intention is to oust [destabilise] Fretilin, says Lu Olo

The President of the National Parliament, Lu Olo, said that the political situation in Timor-Leste has heated during the last two weeks, starting with the accusations of bribery against the Prime Minister, and members of the National Parliament. He also talked about IRI's book with monkey characters that upset many members of the National Parliament.

Justice denied in East Timor Church massacre

The acquittal of five Indonesian officials implicated in the 1999 massacre of civilians in an East Timor church underscores the need for a United Nations mechanisms to bring to justice those responsible for atrocities in East Timor, Human Rights Watch said. They said that the Indonesian judicial system has failed to prosecute the final coat of whitewash.

Last week, the Supreme Court upheld the August 2002 decision by Indonesia's ad hoc court on East Timor to acquit the five defendants. The five were accused of involvement in the September 6, 1999, Suai church massacre, during which up to 200 civilians, including three priests, were killed.

CEP closes in Ermera

The District Administrator of Ermera, Victor dos Santos, said that the Community Empowerment Project (CEP) has closed down all of its works in the District. He said that CEP gave support and help the community in capacity building. Mr Dos Santos said that the Government needed to continue and implement a similar program within the community. He said CEP was able to make a direct link with the community and had achieved good results.

District of Bobonaro owns CEP USD$ 164,697.43

The Community Empowerment Project Coordinator in the District of Bobonaro, Julio Caieiro, said that in four years CEP was able to implement lots of projects in the District and gave support through the church to vulnerable groups and poor people. Mr Caieiro said that one of the difficulties that CEP had to face was the credit line that people had never fully repaid. He said that people that had borrowed could now cannot pay back the USD$ 14,081 in the Sub-District of Lolotoe, USD$25,364 in Atabae, USD$25,364 in Balibo, USD$ 8,616 in Bobonaro, USD $ 18, 500, in Maliana USD 55.644.43 and USD$42,492 in Cailaco. Mr Caieiro said that he has handed credit documentation to the local Government and the District Administrator to take over responsibility and solve the issue.

Manufahe without power in a year

A Member of the National Parliament, Arão da Costa Amaral, said that it has been a year since the Districts of Manufahe and the sub-District of Same, Fatuberliu, Turiscai, Alas, Betano and Otorita have had power. Mr Amaral said that the EDTL knows about this issue but they are still waiting for the finance department to allocate money to repair the generator.

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