Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring May 5, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring May 5, 2004

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Indonesians must leave mosque by May 20

The Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that the Indonesian nationals who have been living in the Annur Mosque in Dili must leave the compound before May 20. The Prime Minister said those who wish to become Timorese citizens must first legalize their situation before requesting from the Ministry of Justice the Timorese citizenship. The Prime Minister said that these procedures should be followed before the occupants of the mosque can get jobs and become fully integrated in the Timorese society. The Prime Minister said that the mosque is not a place for them to live, sleep, eat and do business. "The mosque is a place to do business only with God, not among ourselves", he said.

Joint operation

The Immigration Inspector, Carlos Geronimo, said that a joint operation focused on the maritime border points will be held jointly by the Border Patrol Unit, the Marine Unit and the Dili Port Unit, to check security aspects in this area, which has become a threat. Mr Geronimo said that with the celebration of the second anniversary of independence, security would be increased in the borders. He said visitors with tourist visas caught working or doing business would be fined and deported from the country, and have their passport stamped with a red cross.

Five detained for beating Police officer

Today's edition of the newspaper says that seventeen people suspected of being involved in beating up a police officer in Tasitolu appeared in Dili District Court (yesterday). The newspaper says that the police officer was dressed in civilian clothes, which led to further suspicions of him being a "ninja". According to the newspaper, five of them are still detained pending further investigation within the next 30 days while the others were released on bail. The public defender told the court that the incident occurred while the accused were guarding their neighborhood at night against "ninja" assault.

Workshop on transparency and accountability in public administration

The second workshop on Transparency and Accountability in the Public Administration was held in Dili (yesterday) and was organized by the Government with the support of UNMISET and UNDP. Participants at the workshop included the President, Xanana Gusmao, the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, the SRSG Kamalesh Sharma, the DSRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa and the Ministers of Finance, Education and Transport, among others. During his speech, at the opening session, SRSG Kamalesh Sharma highlighted the "significant advances" that public administration has made since last year in terms of transparency and accountability, citing, among other achievements, the work done by the Office of the Inspector General.


EDTL staff protest over new recruitment

Today's edition of the newspaper says that 72 staff members of Timor-Leste electricity (EDTL) staged a protest against the recruitment of new staff. The paper said that the staff took the opportunity to demand for their salaries that are in arrears.

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