Subject: RDP: East Timor lends assistance to quake-hit Indonesia

East Timor lends assistance to quake-hit Indonesia

November 13, 2004 7:49am Asia Intelligence Wire Advertisement

[Presenter] East Timor has replied to a request of international assistance by their former occupiers, Indonesia. The East Timorese government has just responded [after an extraordinary meeting of its Council of Ministers] to their neighbours' appeal for international assistance, following Friday's [12 November] powerful earthquake [in eastern Indonesia]. The Timorese have agreed to donate 13,000 euros for reconstruction efforts in the neighbouring island of Alor, severely hit by the earthquake. Antonio Veladas, RDP's correspondent in Dili, explains the reasons for this decision.

[Veladas] The government has replied promptly to the Indonesians' appeal by donating 10,000 US dollars, approximately 13,000 euros. It is the first time the young nation lends international assistance to another country, or as Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri stressed, to a friendly country:

[Alkatiri, RDP1, 09:07:10] The government has decided, unanimously, to donate 10,000 dollars, and, at the same time, to call on the Timorese people, to respond to the appeal made by the Indonesian government, because, after all, we are neighbours, and back in 1999 [during the struggle for independence], when refugees were forced to seek shelter in the Indonesian side [West Timor], the population there was not hostile to them and offered them all the support that they could. Therefore, I think this gesture is, to some extent, a form of repayment and of demonstrating, clearly, to the world that we intend to forge the best possible relationship, as far-reaching and meaningful as possible, with Indonesia. [09:08:02]

[Repetitive passage omitted]

Source: RDP Antena 1 radio, Lisbo

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