Subject: Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring November 08 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for November 8, 2004

World Bank will continue to assist Timor-Leste Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

The Task Team Leader for SEP (Small Enterprises Project) II of the World Bank Washington, Mr. Bernard Drum said that the Bank will put its efforts to assisting the government and communities especially for small businesses and cooperatives.

He said this in a dialogue held in Covalima, in the district of Suai, which was attended by members of the government, small business owners and cooperative members.

He also noted that it is necessary to have an adequeate budget when running a business and that the World Bank and the government will pay attention to the evolving business environment.

Oppositions must know Tasi Timor case Timor Post

The Timor ? Leste President Mr. Xanana Gusmao said that opposition parties must understand the current situation of the Timor Sea talks.

Mr. Gusmao said this in a open meeting held on Friday, Novermber 05 with members of political parties, civil societies and church.

The president said that the meeting was to explain the situation on negotiations in the Timor Sea to clarify misunderstandings among the civil socity, opposition parties and other members of the government.

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David de Araujo Receptionist World Bank, Dili Office

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