Subject: Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring November 16 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for

November 16, 2004

PM Alkatiri: Moslems in Annur Mosque Must Move Out Timor Post

The Prime Minister, Mr. Mari Alkatiri, said that Moslems who are currently occupying Annur mosque must move out in accordance with government decisions which are not related to any religious cases. He said this at a ceremony held together with Al-Munawarah Islamic communities in Fatuhada, Dili. Mr. Alkatiri added the mosque inhabitants were meant to leave last month, but at that time they were on fast. Now it is time for them to leave.

Economic Growth is an instrument of Poverty Reduction Timor Post

Returning from the CEO conference in Beijing, China, the Prime Minister, Mr. Mari Alkatiri said that economic growth has to be used as an instrument of poverty reduction. He said the Chinese economy is going well, but the markets are still dominated by the United States and in this era of globalization, all under-developed nations should share information in order to prevent negative economic impacts in their country. At the CEO conference, Mr. Alkatiri also invited China's national petroleum sector to accelerate their participation in the gas and petroleum prospects in Timor Sea.

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