Subject: Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoirng November 19 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for November 19, 2004

Parliamentary voices: UN' decision is positive Timor Post

Four members of the National Parliament respectively observed that decision made by UNMISET in order to extend its mission in Timor ? Leste is positive as this country still needs assistance in certain areas.

Head of the Fretilin Party, Mr. Olimpio Branco, said that areas which still need assistance include the finance, justice, and security sectors, as well as others.

Mr. Branco noted that the extension of six months would enable the country to independently stand and maintain the security system established by the UN.

He also said that the country would be firmly secured if everyone cooperates and listens to one another.

Lu-Olo Children must be free of violence Timor Post

The president of the National Parliament, Mr. Fransisco Guteres alias Lu-Olo, said that children must be paid attention to as they are also suffering the consequences of violence: domestic, sexual and physical. He said this in his speech on a seminar in preparation of International Children Day celebration, which is conducted by UNICEF in Timor Hotel.

In this one-day seminar, which involved government authorities, participants discussed the future of Timorese children, including their access to education, their right to be free from all types of violence and their access to proper healthcare.

Parliamentarians Refuse Visit Of World Bank (WB) Representative Suara Timor Lorosa' (STL)

Dili -A number of TL parliamentarians from Commission C responsible for economy and finance, refused to meet with the WB representative in Timor Leste, Elisabeth Huybens, who planned to visit that institution. The refusal was decided through a vote carried out at the National Parliament on Thursday, Nov 18.

As scheduled, Commission C would host Elisabeth's visit at the Parliament, but several Commission C parliamentarians considered that the meeting was unimportant, and refused to attend the meeting.

Rui Meneses, one of the parliamentarians who refused Elisabeth's presence, when interviewed by STL after the voting, stated that the meeting between the commission and the WB representative is not important, as those working in the WB are using the Timorese as a field to enrich themselves. Furthermore, there's nothing new in the agenda to be discussed.

Meanwhile, the interim Chair of Commission C, Manuel Tilman, expressed his disappointment on the attitude of several Commission members. Mr. Tilman stated that refusing the presence of people who want to share their experiences is not a good attitude for an institution that is the people's representative.

Manuel stated further that the WB presence at the Parliament was to share experiences on the troubled oil and gas, but this good intention was refused by members of Commission C. "They do not want to hear from other people, they only want to hear from Norway. For KOTA party, visiting guest are respected and welcomed, but on their ideas, it is up to you to accept or refuse".

According Manuel, information on oil and gas are crucial for parliamentarians, especially for Commission C who is responsible for economy and finance. Every experience shared would be used by parliamentarians as a reference in discussions on the Petroleum Law and Petroleum Fund that will be presented by the government.

Pulmonary disease becomes big issue for communities Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

The Minister of Health, Mr. Rui Maria de Araujo, said that pulmonary disease has become a big issue, which is currently confronted by communities and is becoming a concern for the Ministry.

Mr. Rui noted that the Ministry is seeking cooperation with the WHO (World Health Organization), related NGOs, and individual to educate communities about the danger of this disease as a result of smoking.

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