Subject: Detik: Indonesian, Australian navies discuss joint patrols in Timor Gap

Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring

November 25, 2004, Thursday

Indonesian, Australian navies discuss joint patrols in Timor Gap

Text of report by M. Rizal Maslan, carried by Indonesian Detikcom web site on 25 November

Jakarta: The large number of Indonesian fisherman arrested in the Timor Gap has caused the Indonesian and Australian navies to discuss joint patrols in the region.

"Currently we are holding meetings over three days with a team from Australia at Navy Headquarters in Cilangkap, to discuss organized patrols in the Timor Gap.

This was stated by Chief of Naval Staff Adm Bernard Kent Sondakh, following a ceremony for the 59th anniversary of the Marine Corps in Bumi Satria, Cilandak, South Jakarta, on Thursday (25 November).

"Because in this region there are many cases of illegal fishing. Many of our fisherman are arrested and their boats burnt. Hopefully with this cooperation, two or three corvettes from each country can take part in patrols," he said.

"We are still discussing this, and hopefully it will be implemented soon. On 12 December I am going to Australia to meet with the Australian chief of Naval Staff to discuss this problem," said Sondakh.

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