Subject: ABC: NT seeks to strengthen ties with E Timor over fishing

Also; NTGOV - Timor Leste Delegates "Lured" to Darwin to Learn More About Our Fisheries


Last Update: Thursday, November 25, 2004. 8:40pm (AEDT) NT seeks to strengthen ties with E Timor over fishing

The Northern Territory Fisheries Minister says strong relations between countries who share the northern waters will ensure fish stocks are not over-exploited.

Kon Vatskalis is meeting with two delegates from East Timor's fishing industry in Darwin over the next week.

He says Territory fishermen will benefit if fisheries in neighbouring countries are well managed.

"We're not going to have over-exploitation on other side of the borders," he said.

"Eventually these would effect the catch here in territory waters.

"If we work together, we find they fish their fish the same way, then we make sure the territory fisherman are not going to miss out."


Northern Territory Government 25 November 2004 Timor Leste Delegates "Lured" to Darwin to Learn More About Our Fisheries

Kon Vatskalis MLA Minister for Fisheries

Two delegates from Timor Leste will spend the next week in Darwin , working with the Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development, to learn more about our fisheries and practical management skills they can adapt to East Timor .

Fisheries Minister, Kon Vatskalis, welcomed the two men ­ Mr Orlando Halek Kalis and Mr Jose Nunes - to the Territory this morning, saying their visit was a great example of the strong relationship we are forging with the developing country to our north.

“This is a great example of the Northern Territory and Timor Leste working together to achieve a common goal,” said Mr Vatskalis.

“The sea between our countries includes shared fish stocks, so it is vital we combine our skills and knowledge for the best management of resources into the future.”

Mr Vatskalis said Mr Kalis and Mr Nunes visit has been funded as part of a $20,000 Territory Government grant to national organisation, ASTE Crawford Fund, which aims to ‘increase Australians’ engagement in international agricultural R, D & E for the benefit of developing countries and Australia .’

Mr Nunes and Mr Kalis will spend the next week working with officers from the Fisheries Group at Berrimah Farm and the Darwin Aquaculture Centre.

Key training areas include:

* The importance of fisheries data collection and verification * Basic fisheries stock assessment techniques * Research survey design and techniques * Fishing ageing preparation, processing and analysis * Aquaculture development and policy * Ecosystem based and co-management approach to fisheries management * Enforcement techniques and relevant legislation * Licensing legislation and procedures * Consultation techniques * Fishing gear technology * Fish processing and marketing * Protection against the introduction of aquatic pests.

This is the second time Timor Leste representatives have come to Darwin for such training ­ a similar visit was held in April 2003.

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