Subject: More than 3,000 religious and community leaders are trained in HIV prevention

" More than 3,000 religious and community leaders are trained in HIV prevention in East Timor".

CWS East Timor HIV/AIDS Support Program.

Annual Report August 2003 ­ July 2004

On Thursday, September 16, 2004, Maurice Bloom the Regional Director of CWS East Timor/Indonesia submitted the HIV/AIDS Support Program Annual Report to the Minister of Health, Dr. Rui Maria Araujo.

CWS is the leading agency offering HIV/AIDS prevention programs in East Timor in support of East Timor Government's National HIV/AIDS Strategic plan. CWS East Timor HIV/AIDS Support Program, particularly focus on the capacity building of the faith based agencies in this newly independent country.

The Annual Report reflects activities which CWS East Timor has conducted during August 2003 through July 2004 in addressing HIV/AIDS in East Timor. Some of the accomplishments of the program are:

37 workshops conducted on HIV/AIDS Basic Information: transmission, prevention and stigma and discrimination,

3,212 community and religious leaders the AIDS awareness session organized by CWS. The participants were from Protestant, Catholic, Assembly of Gods and other denominations.

Workshops has been conducted in Dili, Los Palos, Bacau, Atauro, Fatuhada, Balibar and Aileo,

About 2,000 community members visited World AIDS Day 2003 painting exhibition. Prime Minister Dr. Mari Alkatri inaugurated the exhibition and distributed the prizes for artists.

700 postcards are printed from 3 of the winning painting from the World AIDS Day painting competition,

3000, education materials have been produced in Tetum and Bhahasa Indonesia

CWS East Timor staff attended the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, July 11 ­ 16, 2004,

CWS East Timor established a website to provide information on activities conducted by CWS and also as online resource on HIV/AIDS.

Hardcopy of the Annual Report is available at the CWS East Timor Office, RD Luis de Noronha, Vila Verde (near Cathedral) or by calling +670.3317289.

For softcopy of the report contact Maurice Bloom at, +62.21.7197929

The Annual Report will be available for download at

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