Subject: Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 27 2004

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Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for September 27, 2004

Ramos Horta believes SBY will strengthen the relations between RI-TL and Indonesia

Timor Post

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Jose Ramos Horta said that Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) would strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations. Mr. Horta said that Bambang Yudhoyono is a respectable man and a reformist who has high integrity. The Foreign Affairs Minister also congratulated Mr. Yudhoyono on being selected as the new Indonesian President. Ramos Horta noted that he looks forward to continuing the cooperation established by the previous Indonesian President, Ms. Megawati Sukarnoputri.

Angelina Asy: MoH aims to prevent HIV/AIDS transmission

Timor Post

The Ministry of Health will begin HIV/AIDS prevention programs immediately, especially aimed at the youth, said Ms. Angelina Asy Martins, the Chief of the Health Division. She noted youth are a key risk group because they can change partners often, share needles, and can often use drugs. Ms. Asy noted that transmission among the youth can be prevented easily when everyone, follows the procedures established by the Ministry of Health: not to change partners often, abstinence or use of condoms. In response to the last statement made by Mr. Rui Menezes, Ms. Asy corrected the data from Dr. Daniel Murphy?s Bairo-pite clinic that there are 14 HIV/AIDS infections; of the fourteen, ten remain alive.

Timor boundary near finalization

Timor Post

Negotiation over a maritime boundary with Timor-Leste are expected to be finalized by Christmas, said the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Alexander Downer. Australia and Timor- Leste representatives have spent the past week in Canberra in another round of talks over the boundary, which will divide up the Timor Sea?s rich oil and gas reserves. The talks will continue in Darwin next week. Woodside Petroleum warned in July that its multibillion dollar Sunrise and gas project in the Timor Sea would stall if the countries did not resolve their dispute over the boundaries by the end of the year. Mr. Downer, said that the talks had been very productive and he is confident to say that there would be an agreement drawn by the end of the year. It was reported that the deal will see an additional $3 billion in tax revenue going to Timor-Leste ? in the swift resolution of the maritime border dispute. The Timor Sea?s oil and gas reserves are estimated to be worth US$ 30 billion. The boundary has been a sticking point between the two countries, with Timorese Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri accusing Australia of bullying his country, one of the world?s poorest country.

Forestry law not well publicized charges youth

Suara Timor Lorosa'e

Although the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery has established a law to prevent random cutting of trees, thus far the population has not been exposed to the change because it has not been publicized beforehand, said Mr. Fernando Sarmento, a youth in the sub-district of Mubessi, a part of the district of Ainaro. As a result of traditional Timorese practice, where farmers burn and cut trees prior to the planting season, he noted that it would require strong coordination on the part of the ministry to change such behavior.

Abel Ximenes: Businessmen need to be hard working

Suara Timor Lorosa'e

The Vice-Minister of Development and Environment, Mr. Abel Ximenes said that for Timor-Leste to become prosperous, businessmen must work hard to develop the economy. This can be achieved through a contribution and commitment from all businessmen in delivering their services, he noted.

AUSAID Representative and SRSG tour parliament

Press release

Australia?s support to the Parliament of Timor-Leste began in 2001, with the rehabilitation of the Constituent Assembly building, which is now used by National Parliament. Recently, Australia announced a further US$800,000 contribution towards the UNDP ?Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy in Timor-Leste? project, and on Thursday the AUSAID representative, Mr. Peter Ellis, and the SRSG Dr. Sukehiro Hasegawa will meet the President of the National Parliament, Mr. Francisco Guterres ?Lu Olo?, for a special tour of the facility.

The Australian Ambassador, Ms. Margaret Twomey recently signed an agreement with UNDP committing Australia to the project. ?Australia is very happy to continue supporting the further development of the National Parliament. This contribution, delivered through the UNDP Parliament Project, will help the members, committees, and secretariat of Parliament to improve their work and will help the Government run the country for the benefit of the people.? Ms Twomey explained.

The project, currently being implemented by the National Parliament with support from UNDP, has a budget of US$2 million dollars and will run for 3 years. The overall aim is to improve the institutional capacity of the elected members (Deputies) and the in-house civil service (The Secretariat), through providing training and advice in legislation and national budget, infrastructure, and equipment. The project also assists to develop technical skills, systems and processes, which improve the institutional capacity of the Parliament to legislate, approve and monitor public expenditure and represent the people of Timor-Leste in policy decisions. SRSG Dr. Sukehiro Hasegawa welcomed the agreement with Australia: "The role of Parliament in scrutinizing and passing laws and overseeing the national budget efficiently and effectively, is so important in keeping the government accountable to the people of Timor-Leste, that I would like to thank the Australian Government for their generous contribution to this project.? Dr. Hasegawa said.

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