Subject: Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 05, 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 05, 2004

Political willingness needed to eradicate KKN
Timor Post

Responding to the creation of Financial inspectors, the head of Democrat Party (PD), Mr. Rui Menezes noted that political willingness is required from each party in order to eradicate Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (KKN) in Timor ? Leste. He added that the newly created Financial inspectors will help regulate the financial system.

Kerosene prices increase markedly, prompting shift to firewood
Timor Post

Dili residents are now using firewood to cook instead of kerosene as the price has gone up dramatically, said Mr. Antonio Dias, a market vendor from the suco of Beira mar, the sub-district of Dom Aleixo. Mr. Dias noted that the price of kerosene has gone up recently by $0.25 per liter to $0.75 per liter. Many residents are now using firewood.

Health ministry distributes mosquito nets to reduce malaria risks
Timor Post

The Ministry of Health is not only concentrating on HIV/AIDS in Timor ? Leste but also the reduction of malaria through the distribution of mosquito nets to the communities, noted Mr. Ivo Irene da Costa Freitas, of the Social Communication Protocol. According to the data collected from the Ministry of Health 88 out of 1000 children died from malaria.

Mr. Ivo added that apart from the distribution of mosquito nets, the Ministry of Health is also increasing education efforts in affected communities.

Baucau EDTL operating again
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

The Electricity is now on again in the district of Baucau after eight months, said Paulino da Costa, an electricity technician.

He noted the National Electricity Department has repaired several broken generators and now the power works for six hours per day. This puts the city at the same level of power availability as the rest of Timor-Leste, except Dili.

He also added that there are plans for District EDTL to transport a new generator from Dili in order to provide additional power.

Vox Populi

According to regulation No. 10/July/2001, CAVR's mandate will end on October 7, 2004. When the Final Report is not completed according to the deadline, and in order to present a qualitative report on its tasks during its two years mandate (2001-2003), CAVR will present its request for extension of mandate to the National Parliament.

Fr. Jovito de Araujo do Rego, one of CAVR's National Commissioners, announced in a press conference (Wed, 15/9) that CAVR will request a six months extension of the mandate if the Final Report cannot be finalized according to the established deadline (October 04). This extension will give CAVR more time to draft a qualified report to fulfill expectations and hopes.

The drafting of the Final Report, which started on April 4, will be resumed from November to December 2004 if it is not completed timely. Time is needed for editing the chapters and for translating it from English to the official language of Portuguese. The2000 page report, written in English and Indonesian, will consists of 13 chapters including annexes.

At the end of its mandate CAVR will annotate all archives that will be used as references in future. The Commission will establish a team to take care of the archives and the office. The archives room will be named Quarto Santa Cruz [Santa Cruz Chamber], named after the 1991Santa Cruz massacre. Beside managing the archives, the team will be also responsible for developing the former prison (currently being used as CAVR's office) as a Human Rights Centre.

Hugo Fernandes, stated that the main constraint to the timely completion of the Final Report is the language barrier, as all the information gathered by the Commission from 'statements, researches, public hearings" were provided in Tetun, English, Portuguese, and Indonesian. As the Final Report was to be written in Indonesian and English, all information gathered had to be translated into these two languages. The other constraint was the difficulty of interviewing key people.

Hugo declared that if the report is finalized according to the established deadline (October 7, 04), then additional time will be required for editing.

David de Araujo
World Bank, Dili Office

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