Subject: Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring October 07 2004

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Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 07, 2004

Horta: TL backs up Indonesian membership in the Security Council
Timor Post

This was stated by Horta during the UN SC meeting in New York. In his speech Horta also spoke about TL's current situation, reform of the UN especially in the Security Council, and assistance to developing countries by developed countries.

In regard to the reform of the SC, Horta, backed up Indonesian membership in the SC as Indonesia, in terms of population, is the fourth biggest in the world, number three in terms of democracy, and number one in religious and civilization representation. This will help keep an equilibrium in the SC as most country members are from nations with a Christian majority. In the last 50 years, the Islamic world has been discriminated in SC. Islamic countries, especially Indonesia, welcomed the Timorese position as it's the only country defending its membership.

On December the SG will receive recommendations from experts to reform the SC and on New Year of 2005, the matter will be decided. SC permanent country members welcome the reforms but are reluctant to lose their privileges and power.

During his stay in New York Horta has also lobbied for the TL membership in ASEAN.

Abel Ximenes: Businessmen Should Not Be Embarrassed to be Wealthy
Timor Post

In a business dialog between the government and businessmen, Vice-Minister for Development and Environment, Abel Ximenes stated that the objective of the National Development Plan (NDP) is to provide a better life for all people in TL, to reduce poverty, and to improve national economy. The constitution stipulated that economic agents, such as the public sector, the private sector, and cooperatives, play an important role in the achievement of these objectives.

In the public sector, the government make public investments, such as building roads, creating a good business environment, making laws and providing security and stability for businesses in the country.

In the private sector, businesses play an critical role. Businesses can create job opportunities, and reduce unemployment in the country. Every year around 15,000 people enter the labor market. To assist businessmen in developing their business the government has established five Business Development Centres in Baucau, Dili, Maliana, Maubisse and Oecusse. These centers provide knowledge and capacity building support for businessmen and people interested in developing a business. "If you choose to be a wealthy businessman then don't be shy to be a wealthy man".

Rui: 'The Parliament is weak in the control of national budget'
Timor Post

Rui Meneses PD spokesperson stated that the National Parliament's control function is weak.

The opposition in parliament 'walked' out during ratification FY03-04 budget as they protested the budget approval procedure as wrong, politically and technically . The FY03-04 report has not been submitted to parliament, but PN is politically driven to approve FY04-05 budget, which, according to the ethics of national financial management, is wrong and is a bad precedence for good financial and political practice. Every budget approval or revision must be discussed in the donor meeting before submission to parliament.

The mid-year review of annual budget reflects TL's budget instability although it may be used as a way to avoid fictitious programs.

TL's budget relies on Timor gap oil and gas revenues, donor support (TSP) and the tiny national fiscal income. At this moment, it relies heavily on Timor gap oil and gas revenues as donor support has decreased. This has a negative impact on the budget, and thus, a mid-year revision is required for its consolidation.

Corruption is a hot issue in the Timorese community. Formally, either the government or the parliament, haven't done anything to restore public confidence to this two sovereignty institutions. The government organizes workshops on transparency and accountability prior to donor meetings, only to show that it is committed to solve these two issues, which is adverse in practice.

If no efforts is taken and there's no political will to eradicate corruption, then it will become a serious social problem that destroys every sector, as corruption is a big constraint on economic development.

Xanana Greets New Indonesian President, Warns On Pending Issues
Timor Post

The TL President greeted the new Indonesian President SBY, and took the opportunity to warn him on the existence of pending issues, such as the border issue between the two countries that would need to be resolved through dialog, in the spirit of fraternity and friendship.

The elected President, aged 55 years got 60.6 % of votes against 39.4% got by Megawati in the second round of presidential elections that took place on 20/09/04.

In the letter sent to SBY, Xanana expressed that TL and Indonesia have ?adequate capacity to resolve the issues through constructive dialog, in order to achieve a comprehensive and mutually acceptable agreements?.

To XG, the election of SBY represents 'a clear proof of expression of trust by the people of Indonesia to their best and illustrious son, to realize their aspirations and expectations of the Indonesian nation.'

Participation problems plague Xanana's dialogue
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

It was reported from the district of Suai that Xanana's dialogue which was meant to be conducted in the community center was flunked due to the lack coordination between the local leaders and the communities in that area.

The aim of the dialogue was to hear and exchange information regarding the election of the 'chefe suco' or 'head of the village'.

It was also reported that since there were not many attendants, the President had a dialogue with students from primary school and secondary school instead.

The president was informed about the educational difficulties which are faced by students.

Loro community needs clean water
Surara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

The community of Loro sub-village, the village of Betano, the sub-district of Same, and the district of Manufahi are facing difficulty with access to clean water noted Mr. Domingos da Silva, head of the sub-village.

Although, many projects have reached the area there has not been one specified for clean water.

He added that this problem has been forwarded to the district department but as of yet there has been no response.

Sorukraik community receives assistance from 92 donors Suara Timor Lorosa?e (STL)

After 52 houses were burnt in an incident between two martial arts groups in Sorukraik (part of the Ainaro district), the community has received assistance from 92 donors.

The assistance includes material to help reconstruct houses, such as: iron sheets, nails, timbers as well as medicines and food.

The deputy of the district administrator, Mr. Manuel Pereira said that they also received solidarity assistance from nearby residents.

Ministry of Education, culture, youth and sport will recruit 120 new teachers Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

According to the Ministry of Education , Culture, Youth and Sport?s plan there will be 100-120 new teachers recruited, said the vice-general director, Mr. Antonio Pires.

The aim of this recruitment is to fulfill education needs from Primary School to Senior High Schools.

Commenting on the recruitment, Mr. Anival do Rosario, the Vice-Director of SMU 4 Setembru UNAMET, said that the Education Ministry must focus on the quality of the teachers which it will be recruiting, and must also to focus more on recruiting new teachers for Primary Schools.

Correction to the Media Monitoring for September 15 Portuguese course for Judges: The East Timor Advocacy
Timor Post

Association (ETAA) will undertake a Portuguese course starting next week which will be conducted by Camoes Institution, said the Chief of ETAA. This is to anticipate the use of Portuguese and Tetum in court hearing. This course is in cooperation with a few organizations such as: JSMP(Judicial System Monitoring Program), the Asia Foundation and a European union which is based in Belgium. The paper mentioned that this course will go for 2 months.

Corrected: The Asia Foundation is not directly supporting the Portuguese course for judges but works with the Camoes Institution in some of its activities.

David de Araujo
World Bank, Dili Office

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