Subject: Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring October 11 2004

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Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 11, 2004

CPD RDTL will face the consequences
Timor Post

In response to CPD/RDTL's statement that 'the government is not dared enough to dissolve their organization', Franscisco Xavier do Amaral, President of ASDT, declared that 'they will face the consequences if remain defiant to the government and refuse to adopt to the current developments'.

Mr. Amaral also stated that he has asked CPD/RDTL's leaders, Aitahan Matak and Olegario to transform and legalize their organization into a political party, which was refused. Mr. Amaral stated further that CPD/RDTL may not participate in the coming chefe de suco elections, but they are reminded not to prevent other people from participating in it.

When asked about government's promise to dissolve CPD/RDTL after UNTAET's and UNMISET's missions ended, Mr. Amaral stated that the government may have some weakness, and the government may have provided some kind of support in the past that makes the government standing in a difficult position.

At the end Mr. Amaral, again, suggested that CPD/RDTL legalize themselves.

Dili District to Build New Roads
Timor Post

In order to avoid traffic jams in Dili, the government is planning to build new roads. The first plan is to build a road linking Bebora bridge, Tuana laran, and Matadouro. Dili District administrator, Ruben Bras, told the press during law dissemination program in Metinaro.

This new road plan is expected to reduce traffic jams at the Bebora road by distributing traffic to the alternative road. Another road project in the repair stage is the Aimutin-Aitarak Laran road. The street behind Heliport will be reopened to avoid traffic jams in the surrounding area.

Ruben explained, there are two types of road construction. The first one is implemented at the national level, by the Public Works department. The second one, implemented at the District level, such as Respect Project, linking national roads to village roads.

Further to the socialization of helmet use, Dili District, in coordination with Land Transport Directorate, will implement compulsory use of safety belts for drivers.

Additional traffic signs will be deployed in Dili. In order to reduce accidents, a number of traffic lights will be rebuilt. The government is currently discussing the funding of the project with the Tasmanian state government which has expressed their willingness to assist in this project.

Other issue presented by Ruben was street trading activities. Sweeping operation for street traders will be restarted soon, and goods confiscated from traders during the operation will be donated to orphanages or destroyed.

The district administration will also control animals which are still wandering in the streets. This operation was stopped a few months ago due to lack of personnel, transport, and funds to implement it in a regular basis.

With regard to city gardens? rehabilitation, Ruben stated that he will turn his attention to this issue soon after the animal sweeping operations is successfully completed.

Taibesse Market Traders Request Rehabilitation Of Public Toilet
Timor Post

Taibesse market traders, feel uncomfortable with the current situation of the market's public toilet, as it doesn't fulfil the criteria of a clean and safe plac. They, therefore, demand the government's , especially Ministry of Health and Dili District administration, to solve this matter soon.

During UNTAET's administration a toilet was built, but it was not equipped with water. Due to this situation people dispose waste in any unsuitable place they can find which is endangering the community's and market consumers? health.

There are all kinds of waste furnished in this market and there's no proper mechanism to solve waste disposal. The traders request a team from the MoH assess the sanitation situation of the market. A proper toilet equipped with water is needed urgently by the traders in Taibesse market.

Ramos Horta Warns that the Political and Military Situation May Deteriorate
Timor Post

The CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries) representative for Guinea-Bissau, Jose RH declared that he is afraid the political and military tension may deteriorate, however he underlined that there's optimism to reach an agreement in the evolution of negotiations, and at this stage, there?s no need for the presence of an international peace keeping force.

There's a lot of issues to be solved such as reform in the armed forces, improvement of the economic situation, unemployment, power sharing, and demand of the Balantas (majority etnic group in Guinea).

RH stated that the country is in a very critical and serious situation, and he's afraid it will deteriorate. Information collected in previous meetings in Bissau show that, beyond ?serious problems in terms of economical and social? issues, Guinea is facing much more serious issues of political and military nature. In the military stage there?s a serious situation: lack of leadership in the armed forces. In the political stage, the numerous Guinean parties are not fulfilling their responsibilities to contribute to peace and stability in the country.

The CPLP representative told the press: 'that Guinea will be completely forgotten and isolated by the international community, if Guineans themselves are not up to'. RH also stated that are still people who persist in the strategy of pressing the government which is not acceptable by CPLP and the international community, especially when use of force is involved. Acts of violence aimed at transforming or altering the democratic process in course in Guinea-Bissau will not be supported.

When questioned about the military rebellion taken place on Wednesday by a group of military members may be considered a coup d?etat, RH responded that according to information collected so far showing at this direction. Regarding reform in the armed forces, RH stated that all parties are in agreement, including military officers. According to the CPLP representative, everybody agrees that the armed forces should be professional, disciplined, and less numerous.

RH expressed his hope for no more violence. The team is in contact with the military and requested the military officers to remain moderate and have a good sense for the whole process.

TL Reflects The World Economy
Timor Post

Budget management, either coming from donors or from TL's domestic revenue, according to the WB and IMF is good and transparent. Development of a strong economic, state, and government institutions made TL the world's model, stated the PM after participating in the WB and IMF annual meeting in Washington.

The government's agenda after restoration of independence on May 20, 2002 was to strengthen state and government institutions, security and stability. Development of infrastructure, agriculture, and the economy was gradually improving.

TL is now entering a development stage that requires lot of funding. Therefore, TL human resources managing this fund should have the required capacity. This will avoid future generations of debt burden.

Although TL is participating in the WB/IMH annual meeting in Washington, this country is not yet willing to borrow from the two institutions. TL requested the WB to conduct a feasibility study on this matter and according to the study TL is not yet in a position to request loans.

PM Alkatiri stated that the meeting was positive for TL as the meeting addressed world economic development. TL will cooperate with WB and IMF in technology, although it has no plan to borrow.

The increase in oil prices also became a topic of discussion during the meeting that attracted the attention of many participants. Increase in oil prices will have a impact on world economic development. Although TL will receive lot of funds from the Timor Sea, the macro-economics development is very difficult and it can?t avoid this impact.

Therefore TL is trying to employ a sound fiscal policy in order to manage the macro-economic development in order to reduce or soften that impact.

While in the USA, Alkatiri had a meeting with the UN GS, Kofi Annan, and the UNDP chairman to discuss the end of the UN mission in TL. The security council will meet in November to decide this issue.

The TL's governments position is clear that it still needs the UN and the international community's technical support

On the international tribunal, Alkatiri stated that he had not mentioned this issue, but discussed it with a UN commission conducting a study on all processes in the Serious Crimes Unit.

Manu Tasi Fishery Cooperative receives 15 boats
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

42 members of Manu Tasi Fishing Cooperative from the district of Viqueque received 15 motorized boats in order to strengthen their capacities, said Mr. Fransisco Amaral, head of the Cooperative.

This assistance comes from GTZ in order to introduce technology to the fishing industry.

Mr. Amaral also said that they have proposed a capacity building program to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery .

In relation to the training, Mr. Cesar Jose da Cruz, noted that fishing is very important to sustain the economy of fishermen in Timor ? Leste, as long as it is under control, not by using any type of chemical substance in catching process.

Government must pay attention to street children
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

The government of Timor ? Leste must pay attention to children abandoned on the road and put into practice the constitutional right that everyone has the right to study, said Mr. Filipe de Oliveira, a resident of Dili.

He noted that children are the future of the nation, and therefore they cannot be left abandoned to become involved in child labour, such as washing cars in front of restaurants as well as begging for money.

In a different place, Mr. Abel Alves on behalf of parents said that in this difficult situation they can just educate their children according their strengths.

Chefe do Suco kept CEP funds for widows
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

Two head of the villages/chefe do suco (Maulau and Manelobas) in the sub-district of Maubessi, the district of Ainaro were presented to the Yayasan Hak as they are suspected of keeping funds of US$ 1.000 which was donated by the CEP project for widows in those two villages.

Responding to this case, Mr. Fernando da Costa from the Yayasan Hak, said that he has received this case before by some windows and they intended this case to be resolved through the judicial system.

He added that it is thought that the district administrator was involved in the theft.

Mr. Fernando da Costa from the Yayasan Hak promised that this case will be presented to the court as requested by the widows.

Traffic lights under negotiation between TL and Tasmania
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

The government of Timor ?Leste is negotiating with the state government of Tasmania regarding the existence of traffic lights in Dili town, noted the district administrator, Mr. Ruben Bras.

He said that the installation will be take place in some intersections as soon as the state government of Tasmania approves the proposal and that this installation is a result of the high number of traffic accidents occurring in Dili.

In the same article, Mr. Bras also said that there will probably be an obligation for every driver to wear a seatbelt when they are driving on the road.

David de Araujo
World Bank, Dili Office

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