Subject: Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 12, 2004

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Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 12, 2004

TL-RI security authorities discuss border
Timor Post

A meeting was held in Bali between the two security authorities of Timor Leste (Frontier Patrolling Unit) and the Indonesian Resort Police in order to continue providing security for both Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

Participants from Timor-Leste were the commander of the National Police, Mr. Paul Fatima Martins, Khairudin Mat Yussuf, UNPOL, and several PNTL counselors.

Mr. Martins noted that the meeting to discuss the continuation of providing security systems as was established by the PKF (Peace Keeping Force) along the border.

Displaying local productions through 'Expo Popular III'
Timor Post

A display of local production entitled ?Expo Popular III? runs from October 11 - October 16 at the Borge da Costa Park, Motael, Dili.

Mr. Mateus Ego, coordinator of HASATTEL, said that this expo is part of the International Food Day celebrations.

He described that the aims of the display are to learn about and develop the agriculture sector in Timor-Leste, to strengthen the relationships among the agricultural organizations, to demonstrate the appropriate methodology and technology as well as to display local productions for public, to give the chance for criticism and recommendations in order to improve agricultural politics in Timor-Leste.

PNTL Officers Participate in Training Of Trainers (TOT) Course To Increase Capacity
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

In order to achieve a balanced and qualitative number of personnel, the Ministry of Interior, the TL Police Academy, and PNTL General Management and District Stations have selected 50 candidates for the TOT at the Comoro Police Academy.

The opening ceremony of the training was held on Monday (Oct 11, 04) at the Comoro Police Academy. It was attended, among others, by the Minister of State Administration, Minister of Interior and his deputy, the Australian and United Kingdom ambassadors, and PNTL superintendent Paulo Martins.

The TOT was supported by the governments of Australia and Britain. This assistance was an implementation of a joint agreement on capacity building for PNTL between the two countries and TL signed in 2003. This program is scheduled to be implemented throughout four and a half years and began in June 2004.

The duration of TOT is 12 months and divided into 3 stages. The first stage will last for 3 months, the second stage for 6 months, and the third for 3 months.

The training will be implemented from Oct 11 to Dec 10, 2004. It is divided into four classes with ten to 15 participants each. The first class will last from Oct 11 to 22 with 15 participants. The second and third classes will start on November 2-12 (15 participants) and November 15-26 (10 participants) respectively. The last class will start on November 29-December 10 (10 participants).

After completion of the training, participants will receive a Certificate II for trainers. The evaluation process is rigorous, therefore police members graduating from this course will have good qualifications and are expected to bring a change in the PNTL.

This course was designed and developed by TL Development Agency and Australian Federal Police.

Kupang Meeting expected to Facilitate Marketing of TL Products
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

Businessmen affiliated with the TL Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) expect that ?the Kupang meeting between TL CCI and Indonesian KADIN will bring more benefits to TL, especially to facilitate marketing of TL products to Indonesia,? CCI chairman Franscisco Lay told STL at his residence in Comoro.

The government of TL and Indonesia have signed a joint agreement to facilitate the marketing of TL?s products into eastern Indonesian markets. The agreement granted free tax to Timorese products exported to eastern Indonesia.

It is hoped that the Kupang meeting will establish cooperation between TL and Indonesian businessmen on this issue. This meeting will also discuss Indonesian investment in TL.

Most products in TL are imported from Indonesia. With Indonesian investment in TL, it is expected that at least 40% of revenues will remain in TL.

The Government Never Realizes Its promises
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

'The people are tired of the government?s promises given during their open governance to the districts. Many promises were made but nothing was done. The people here do not want to hear any more promises from the government' Duarte Castro, a Maubisse resident told STL.

When asked for his comments on this issue, UDT parliamentarian Alexandre Corte Real, stated that 'when the government is promising something to the people, it must keep its promises because the people trust their leaders and keep waiting for the realization of the promises. It is better not to promise anything if you cannot fulfill it.'

Dr. Manuel Tilman, KOTA parliamentarian, shared the same opinion as Alexandre. He stated that when the government promises something, it must do so on a strong basis.

MAFP Meeting in Same: Discussing Agriculture Development
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

Estanislau da Silva from MAFP had a meeting with Manufahi District Agriculture Department civil servants on Friday October 5th to discuss growing vanilla and other fruits that could bring more benefits to the people.

Estanislau stated that vanilla growing takes about three years from plantation until cropping. Many people have requested funds from the Minister to start vanilla cultivation but have no knowledge on this matter. Earlier efforts at vanilla planting have failed. Therefore, the Ministry will provide training to improve their knowledge.

The minister informed meeting participants that there are many request from international businessmen to import TL agricultural products. This could not be satisfied as TL farmers are not able to produce in large quantities.

During the meeting, the Manufahi district administrator and the Alas sub-district administrator presented the problem of teakwood exploration in their areas. They stated that there are groups, speaking on behalf of the people, together with the government, made negotiations with foreign companies to explore teakwood in their areas which had no transparency at all. This issue has created conflicts in the local community.

The Minister stated that is better for the people to delegate the negotiation and exploration of teakwood to the government because it will bring better price for their teakwood. The teakwood mat also be marketed inside the country.

There are also groups who requested loan facilities on behalf of the communities, but the real beneficiaries of the proposals submitted to the lender never received or knew about the loans. The minister responded that he and his department will not interfere in this matter. He asked all people concerned to solve their own problems.

David de Araujo
World Bank, Dili Office


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