Subject: Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 15, 2004

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Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 15, 2004

Portuguese Ambassador Presented to President Xanana Gusmão
Lusa News

The Portuguese ambassador in Dili, João Ramos Pinto presented his credentials to President Xanana Gusmão yesterday. Ambassador Pinto is replacing Mr. Rui Quartim Santos who served from May 20, 2002 to June 13, 2004.

In his interview, Ambassador Pinto stated that Portugal will increase its support for the economic and social development of Timor-Leste. He emphasized that the objective of Portuguese cooperation with Timor-Leste is to assist in the sound development of the country, in close cooperation with Timorese authorities who define the priority and pressing needs of the country. He also stated that Portugal is the biggest donor and partner of Timor-Leste since the end of Indonesian rule, having donated $350 million.

President of Timor-Leste, Mr. Xanana Gusmão stated that the Timorese people and authorities are thankful for the Portuguese support provided for its diplomatic representatives in Lisbon, New York, Canberra and Brussels.

Portugal has also assisted in the payment of Timor-Leste's entry fee to the International Finance Association (IFC), a World Bank institution that assures access to foreign private investment, amounting to $600,000.

Ministry of Health receives 40.000 mosquito nets
Timor Post

The Ministry of Health received 40.000 mosquito nets from the United States government through USAID. 20.000 nets have been distributed in the first phase, and the rest will be given in a future period, noted the US ambassador in Timor-Leste, Mr. Grover Joseph Rees.

Mr. Rees said that 47.000 Timorese are affected with malaria each year and that 150 are killed annually. This distribution aims to prevent the increasing number of infections among children and pregnant women, he noted.

The donated nets are impregnated with insecticide.

Those who disconnect 'prepaid' will be imprisoned says department head
Timor Post

Electricity consumers who disconnect the 'prepaid' system will be imprisoned and fined US$ 500-5000 based on the Electricity Law No. 03, said the secretary of the Electricity and Water Department, Mr. Egidio de Jesus.

In order to prevent illegal disconnection practices in communities, a team has been established by the Electricity Department to introduce control at the district as well as the sub-district level.

Minister calls for Timorese to quit smoking, stressing youth
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

The Minister of Health, encouraged all Timorese communities, especially youth to quit smoking as it is dangerous for their health.

The Ministry of Health does not allow smoking on its premises, and the Minister of Health stressed that he would like other organizations to do the same.

Timor Sea negotiations viewpoints
Vox Populi

Vox Populi: Is the RDTL government conceding defeat?

The Timor Sea (TS) negotiations have deviated from the main issue of maritime boundary by focusing on the oil/gas production share.

The issue of Australian assistance to Timor-Leste after the 1999 referendum is being used by Australia to legitimatise its illegal occupation over the Timor Sea.

Demonstrations and protest have taken place, not only in TL, but also in Australia. Australian community supporting TL's right over the TS come from NGOs, such as Mary MacKillop from the Institute for East Timorese Studies, businessmen and opposition parties, and the Timorese community in Australia organized under the Timor Sea Justice Campaign. 

Not much information is disseminated to the Timorese people. Vox Populi failed  to get more information from a key negotiator, Jose Teixeira.

Demetrio Amaral de Carvalho, Executive Director, Haburas Foundation, Farol, Dili

Prior to Timorese independence the Australian government presented Timor-Leste with 90% of oil and gas revenues from Timor Sea, against 10%. This has been repeated: Australia will present a Christmas gift to Timor-Leste from the Greater Sunrise productions that will start its operations at the end of this year.

The Timorese government should keep using the legal method, internationally accepted, in negotiations on maritime boundary. If the government offers too many concessions, and ignores the Maritime Law principles, than it will be a bad precedence for the future. Timor-Leste will suffer a big defeat. It will lose the revenues from its mineral resources and the boundaries between the two countries will remain unresolved.

The government should also listen to the people's aspirations on this matter. It should not give up the country?s sovereignty merely because of a budget shortage.

Its expected that there will be a positive solution for Timor-Leste. Australia, as a big and democratic nation, with the highest standards of human rights practice will respect Timor-Leste's rights on sovereignty over the territory in conflict. Australia is urged to return to use the UNCLOS and the International Maritime Court to solve this matter.

David de Araujo
World Bank, Dili Office

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