Subject: Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 20, 2004

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Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring for October 20, 2004

Budget income increases precipitously
Timor Post

The Annual Budget Report of the FY2003/2004 which was submitted to the National Parliament last week stated that the there is a large increase in internal income.

It notes that while people may not get money and the economy may not run smoothly, people are punctilious, and will pay their taxes willingly or grudgingly. Particularly they will pay an indirect tax.

Dr. Manuel Tilman a member of National Parliament who is also the vice president of the economy commission said, ?Direct or indirect taxes are going up, which means that we get a lot of money. For example, last year our prediction for 2002/2003 was only $45 million and more, but later on our forecast for 2003/2004 was that we can only get more than $37 million. But, at last we got more than that at $67 million and more.? He said that the last FY2003/2004 the taxes that was collected in the interior was very much.

Sanitation problems in Dili blamed partly on pigs
Timor Post

If the Dili city does not maintain standards of sanitation there will be adverse effects, particularly on the health side. There are some places in Dili that you can find the feces of pig such as Bidau, Mascarenhas, Caicoli, Bebora and Bairo Pite, and many drains are full of litter. Andre da Costa one of the members of the community in Bairo Pite said the he was sad that the government needs to be reminded to continue operation of pigs that the owners do not want to confine.

Help of Swiss beneficial says parliamentary president
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

The President of the National Parliament, Mr. Fransisco Guterres noted that cooperation between the parliaments of Timor-Leste and Switzerland is very beneficial in terms of building the working capacity of parliamentary members.

Sharing information among them will improve work performance and allow them to undertake more responsibility, he added.

It is planned that the government of Timor-Leste and Switzerland will establish a bilateral relationship.

Community in Ira Lafaek gains access to clean water
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

After suffering without a water supply for months, the community of Ira Lafaek sub-district, in the district of Los Palos, is now consuming clean water as part of an effort made by the Water and Electricity Department, said the State Secretary of Water and Electricity, Mr. Egidio de Jesus.

He noted that many in the community are proud of the creation of the water system built with $27.000 in assistance from CFET.

Mr. De Jesus asked the community to be responsible regarding the maintenance.

Ainaro economy picks up
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

Currently, the economy in Ainaro is going well because the government and the local population cooperate, said the deputy of the district administrator, Mr. Manuel Pereira.

He noted that to improve the economy even more, the population should not just depend on the government but must contribute and support the government?s programs themselves.

Mr. Pereira also affirmed that farmers in Ainaro are trained in agriculture conducted by NGOs and the UNDP in order to improve farming techniques to enable them to export their production when the chance comes.

District administrator in Maubisse proposes Development Centre
Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

In Maubisse, the District Administrator, Mr. Joao de Araujo Corte Real proposed a Development Centre building noting that Maubisse is a central location for four districts (Ainaro, Same, Suai and Aileu).

The district administrator said that a seminar had already been conducted by the Vice-Minister of Development and Environment, Mr. Abel Ximenes, with some businessmen regarding the proposal.

As a district administrator, Mr. Ximenes fully supports the proposal as this would help the community sell their agricultural production and help them improve their family economies.

David de Araujo
World Bank, Dili Office

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