Subject: Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 3, 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 3, 2004

Timor Post

Suai District court received 506 cases from CAVR

The head of Suai District Court, Jose da Costa, said that the court has handled cases covering four districts of the western part of Timor-Leste from Ainaro, Suai, Bobonaro and Same. Mr da Costa said that 506 cases has been presented by CAVR to the court which has accepted 374 cases, while 132 cases are still pending approval by the court. Mr da Costa said that CAVR has solved many cases involving the serious crimes unit like burning and torture starting from 1974 up to the 1999 popular consultation through community reconciliation process. He said that legally CAVR cannot handle criminal cases like burning and torturing, but since both parties have agreed to settle the cases, the court has given the approval.

Government officials should be exempted from immunity

A lawyer from the Dili District Court, Rui dos Santos Pereira, said that any government official involve in crime should be exempted from immunity. Mr Pereira, who is handling the case of a Timor-Leste government official code-named VS, said he will be processed after the National Parliament approves the removal of immunity. Mr Pereira said that the investigation process by police and the prosecutor's office on VS is being done according to the procedure and it should be approved by the executive leadership. Mr Pereira also confirmed that there has not been any intervention by the government.

Make a fair and just decision on the Veterans paper, says PM

The President of the Eventual Commission, established by the National Parliament to oversee the veterans document, Joaquim dos Santos, said that the Prime Minister has requested the Commission to take time and study the document to make a fair and just decision. Mr dos Santos said that the Commission is still having problems coming up with a clear definition of veterans and ex-combatants, and who can really be considered veterans and ex-combatants.


Dissatisfaction due to low salaries in PNTL and F-FDTL

The F-FDTL Brigadier General, Taur Matan Ruak, said that the salary increase for F-FDTL and PNTL employees rests upon the government decision on the budget allocated for the two institutions. The Brigadier General said that the Government is in a better position than him to answer whether there's a budget to increase the salaries or not. According to the newspaper, several members of the F-FDTL have been complaining about low wages and have asked for an increase.

The Brigadier General said that the welfare of F-FDTL members has been taken into consideration, and there are already plans to review the salaries, although things cannot be done overnight. The newspaper also reported the Deputy President for Commission B of the National Parliament in charge of the Independent Enquiry Commission, Jose Manuel Fernandes, said that some F-FDTL officers are unhappy with their salaries but are not forcing the government for an increase, but would rather like the authorities to see their living conditions.

Not easy to remove business license, says Lima

A Timorese entrepreneur, Oscar Lima, said that it is not easy to remove a business license from a company if there is no serious violation committed by the company. Mr Lima made such comments following the statement by the Vice Minister of Transport, Telecommunications and Infrastructure, Cesar Vital Moreira, that the government could easily remove a business license from a company. Mr Lima said that he appreciates the criticism made on projects technical mistakes that were committed on the ground, but the government should not only point to mistakes made by certain companies.

L7 refuses to talk to the Government

Today's edition of the newspaper reports that the Ex-commander of Region III, Cornelio Gama (L7) has refused to participate in a dialogue with the Government because the President of the Republic is not in the country. According to the newspaper Cornelio said that another reason for him not to participate is because he feels that his problem won?t be solved, and other people may take the opportunity to create problems. Meanwhile the elected spokesperson for L7, L4, said that a meeting has been scheduled for this Friday but the President said that no other dialogue or meeting will take place to talk about the veterans issue.

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