Subject: East Timorese recall Munir's support

Yesterday evening, in Dili, Timor-Leste, about 50 friends gathered at Perkumpulan HAK to share candles, memories and reflections about the life of Munir. Although most of the discussion was in Bahasa Indonesia (which I don't understand), it was clear that Munir's life was an inspiration and support to many East Timorese people during their long struggle against Indonesian military occupation. He was one of the first Indonesian activists, in the early 1990s, to try to organize his compatriots in support of East Timor's self-determination. He also personally helped dozens, perhaps hundreds, of East Timorese in Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia with legal or financial problems. And he was one of the strongest members of KPP-HAM to speak out in favor of ending impunity for Indonesian military and political leaders responsible for crimes against humanity in East Timor.

Perhaps one of my colleagues will write more, but I wanted to share this with readers of this list. I met Munir only twice (in Jakarta in 1998 and New York in 2000), but I, like so many others, was touched and inspired by his person and his work. All of us must redouble our efforts to lessen the gap left by his passing.

-- Charlie Scheiner ETAN/IFET/La'o Hamutuk

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