Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring September 10, 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 10, 2004

Timor Post

Low salary contributes to bad attitudes in F-FDTL

The F-FDTL Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Filomeno de Paix„o, said that the information in the report released by the Independent Investigation Commission, about the incident involving F-FDTL personnel and PNTL is correct. The paper reports that there are concerns over UNTAET regulations applying to F-FDTL institution in regards to promotion, training, uniforms, facilities and infrastructure and low remuneration as the reasons behind the attitude of some F-FDTL members that led to the shooting like the one in Lospalos against members of the community and PNTL. According to the newspaper the Lieutenant Colonel said that F-FDTL has formed its own commission to investigate the incidents and concerns that influence the lives of its personnel. The Colonel also said, according to the newspaper, that the position of F-FDTL right now is very complicated, and the situation is so complex that they may or may not make a decision regarding the concerns mentioned.

Two men detained for hoisting Indonesian flag

The newspaper reports that two men were detained yesterday for hoisting an Indonesian flag in the sub-district of Laclo, Manatuto District, and released on bail by the judge at Dili District Court. According to the newspaper the two suspects, who are illiterate, argued that they were "only playing" when hoisting the Indonesian flag and that there was no political motive or intension to provoke anyone. Meanwhile the Public Prosecutors, Domingos Barreto and Estaqui Guterres, said that further investigation should be conducted of the incident.

Referendum with what consequences, says Amaral

The President of the Timorese Association of Social Democrats (ASDT), Francisco Xavier do Amaral, said that some people now want to have a referendum on the international tribunal, for the crimnes committed in Timor-Leste, but cannot use this to manipulate people. Mr Amaral said that first people have to be informed about the consequences, whether good or bad when the International Tribunal is established. Mr Amaral said that he agrees totally with the opinion of Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Ramos Horta, and that people should look at the future because the future is ruling us.

Government retreats to reflect

Today's edition of the newspaper reports that members of the Government have gone to the District of Maliana for a retreat, to reflect on about their past work. The newspaper reports that a Member of the National Parliament for the Democratic Party (PD), Rui Menezes, said that it shows that members of the Government are not professionals, because otherwise they would not need a retreat. Mr Menezes also said that it does not make any sense at all for the Government to have a retreat.

Suara Timor Loro Sa'e (STL)

PSD wants a referendum on international tribunal

The President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Mario Viegas Carrascal„o, said that it is better to hold a referendum to find out if the Timorese really want the establishment of an international tribunal for the atrocities committed in Timor-Leste. The paper reports that Mr Carrascal„o, said in his opinion it is better for a democratic country like RDTL to direct the question to the people of Timor-Leste through a referendum whether an International Tribunal is wanted. Mr Carrascal„o said that is not fair for the government and the National Parliament, to speak on behalf of the people without asking for their opinion.

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