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Timor Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 15, 2004

Timor Post

Census is part of development

The first census in Timor Leste which started on June 11 has successfully been completed with 924,642 people registered. In response to this, the Prime Minister Mr. Mari Alkatiri says that this is as the first phase as well as a part of success of the development in this country. The Prime Minister was thanked UNFPA and other donors involved for the financial and technical support.

Portuguese course for Judges

The East Timor Advocacy Association(ETAA) will undertake a Portuguese course starting next week which will be conducted by Camoes Institution, said the Chief of ETAA. This is to anticipate the use of Portuguese and Tetum in court hearing. This course is in cooperation with a few organizations such as: JSMP(Judicial System Monitoring Program), the Asia Foundation and a European union which is based in Belgium. The paper mentioned that this course will go for 2 months.

The Ministry of Health to conduct a writing competition writing AIDS

The Ministry of Health has been planning to conduct a writing competition writing about AIDS among the media (electronic or non-electronic) in order to increase the knowledge of East Timorese about AIDS, according to Mr. Ivo Irene, chief of the committee. Mr. Ivo said this competition is to celebrate International AIDS Day on December 1.

Suara Timor Lorosa'e (STL)

90% land border between Timor Leste and Indonesia decided on

90% land border between Timor Leste and Indonesia has been decided on based on the old borders left by the colonists of Dutch and Portuguese in 1904, said The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Jose Ramos Horta. This includes Oecusse district. The paper reports that discussion is still on-going regarding this case between The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Jose Ramos Horta and Mr. Hasan Wirayuda, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia.

Plan to organize the markets in Same

Social officer of Economics, in the district of Manufahi, Mr. Filomenos da Costa Amaral said that there has been a plan to organize the market activities in Same. This is to organize, as well as develop awareness of vendors in doing their daily activities in the market and act according to the rules established.

Baucau not known as the second city anymore

Before the Independence of Timor Leste, Baucau was known as the second largest city in Timor Leste, after Dili. However, now it is only known Baucau because electricity has not functioned properly for the past nine months. This was said by a resident of Baucau, Mr. Alfredo da Silva do Santos. He also added that electricity is not the only problem faced by the community of Baucau but also a lack in the supply of water.

PNTL(East Timor National Police) Ainaro has three posts

PNTL Ainaro has three posts to maintain security for the community. It is planned to add more two Police posts in Ainaro in order to provide security in rural areas, said the PNTL Commandant, Mr. Arquimino Ramos. He added the police forces would patrol 24 hours a day around the district, especially in unstable areas. To do this, cooperation between the community and the police forces is needed, said Mr. Ramos.

The population of Mehera complain about electricity

The population of Mehera(a sub-district of Lospalos) are complaining about electricity, said Jose Freitas, on behalf of the population. He said the independence until now Mehera is still dark at night, and therefore he asks the government/Electricity Department to have the power on just at night time. He also recommended having the power on the same time as in Lospalos town.

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