Subject: Coffee giant launches Timor product

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)

September 20, 2004 Monday

Coffee giant launches Timor product

GLOBAL giant Starbucks has chosen Australia to launch a new coffee.

By buying Timor Lorosa'e, when it goes on sale next month, coffee drinkers will be giving direct help to East Timorese farmers.

"East Timor is very near and dear and very special to Australians," Starbucks' Scott McMartin said.

"The countries are in close proximity and Australians have watched the struggles of the East Timorese." After a year, the coffee will go on sale worldwide.

Starbucks has been working with East Timorese growers since the early 1990s and has now contracts with approximately 15,000 farmers.

The contracts are part of a fair trade plan with each grower -- whose farms are an average 1.5ha -- paid a guaranteed price with a long-term contract.

"The program guarantees a certain price to small coffee farmers," Mr McMartin said.

"Let's be very frank about it, the coffee world has seen historically low prices over the past four years."

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