Subject: ET Prosecutor to Visit West Timor

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September 21, 2004


Atambua: East Timor's prosecutor-general, Longuinhos Monteiro, will conduct a working visit to Belu District in October 2004. During the visit, Monteiro will meet with former East Timorese leaders in West Timor to promote reconciliation by giving amnesty to those citizens who return to East Timor.

The deputy head of Belu District, Gregorius Mau Bili, told journalists about the visit at his office on Saturday (18 September). Mau Bili explained that after the referendum on autonomy in 1999, Belu had the highest number of former East Timorese citizens. Since then, a section of the community had been placed in / /resettlement/ / (in English) camps so they could receive assistance from the government.

Mau Bili said there was also a section of the community who wished to return home to East Timor, although they were still observing the state of the country. In responding to their wishes, the East Timor government wanted Monteiro to meet the former East Timorese leaders personally. The primary agenda to be discussed would be how to further advance reconciliation in rebuilding East Timor.

"I heard the president of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao's attitude had changed from an earlier stance where he would take action against anyone who committed a (human rights) violation. The president now gave concessions in the form of amnesty to those accused of committing violations. In relation to this matter, it was possible that the president would invite all East Timor citizens who reside outside the country to return home to develop the nation. As a consequence, the president has delegated the prosecutor-general to come and talk to former East Timorese leaders," said Mau Bili.

Mau Bili admitted they have not yet confirmed a date. If the prosecutor-general's agenda was only to meet former East Timorese leaders, the Belu district administration would facilitate it because, in any case, the prosecutor-general would still be a state guest who required protection.

Source: Kupang Pos web site, Kupang, in Indonesian 20 Sep 04

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