Subject: Timor Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 20 2004

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Timor Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 20, 2004

Timor Post

Youth must remain confident

The President of Parliament, Mr. Fransisco Guterres Lu-Olo, says the youth of Timor - Leste must remain confident and maintain the self identity as well as serve the Fretilin party, the nation and the whole population of Timor - Leste. He added the nation expects that all youth will work hard towards the development of Timor-Leste even though the Timorese population may have had many difficulties in the past five years. One should look at the past to improve their current and future lives, he noted, but the past should not evoke sadness.

Government poorly publicizes "prepaid"

In responding to the prepaid system which being installed in almost every household, Mr. Justino Moniz, village head of Beiramar/Fatu-hada, in the sub-district of Dom-Aleixo, said that the government had not informed the communities prior to the installation. He also noted that lack of information provided by the electricity department as a result rejection is aroused within the communities and he noted that the new system seems to be unaffordable for the communities compared to the conditional meter. In the same article, a Timorese man named Inocencio says the electricity department should allow the community of Fatu-hada, generally in Dili to remain using the old system/conditional meter until the situation becomes better.

To be successful one must work hard

Uato-lari (a sub-district of district Viqueque) market was inaugurated by The Vice Minister of Development and Environment, Mr. Abel da Costa Ximenes. The ceremony was attended by several delegations of Ministries as well as companies. It was held after a small business dialogue in Viqueque on private sectors and cooperatives. The topic was ?Sharing Ideas and Aspiration to Develop the Economy in Timor - Leste through the Activity of Private Sectors and Cooperatives?. In the dialogue, The Vice Minister said to be successful in business it is necessary to be committed and be hard working as well as provide employment opportunities for others. Mr. Abel da Costa also noted that there are always difficulties and obstacles encounter in doing business activity towards achievement of the objective which is success.

Government to conduct an investigation in Timor Sea

The Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Mari Alkatiri, and The State Secretary of Investment and Tourism, Mr. Jose Texeira signed an agreement with two companies: BGP and GGS in order to conduct an investigation on gas and petroleum in the Timor Sea. The investigation would be mostly undertaken in the south coast but this would not include those areas which are currently causing conflicts between the government of Timor - Leste and Australia. The investigation aims to find potential of gas and petroleum and the results will be sent to the government in order to select interested companies to carry out future exploration.

FHI cooperates with 4 clinics on AIDS

In order to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS, FHI(Family Health International) is starting to cooperate with 4 clinics in Dili, with a program entitled the ?Support Project?.The aim is to detect the symptoms of HIV/AIDS viruses said Rui Carvalho, Project Officer. Through this program, the viruses would be more easily detected. Mr. Rui noted that to support the mission, they broadcast news on radio every Saturday to strengthen the communities awareness of HIV/AIDS transmission.

They also establish and distribute booklets, pamphlets and condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS in the same 4 clinics. In addition, FHI also support local NGOs which are working on HIV/AIDS prevention.

Education needs parents' contribution The head of the district Education Department in Baucau Mr. Rodolfo H. Aparicio, recommended that every parent give a moral and educational contribution to their children to be successful in the future. Mr. Rodolfo affirmed that the Ministry of Education has been planning to implement an educational curriculum in every district in Timor ? Leste by the 2004 ? 2005 school year.

Alkatiri: 'I will talk with L-7'

The Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Mari Alkatiri, is currently seeking a direct talk with the ex-commandant of Fretilin, Mr. Cornelio Gama, alias L-7 in order to find a solution to the remaining unsolved problems. According to the mandate of President Mr. Jose Alexandre Gusmao the government must resolve the remaining unsolved problems between the government and veterans from the National Dialogue.

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