Subject: AN: Indo Govt Advised To Lobby China, Russia on UN Experts Commission


April 26, 2005 9:04pm Asia Intelligence Wire

Jakarta, Apr 26 (ANTARA) - Prof Dr Muladi, chairman of the Golkar Party's legal, human rights and regional autonomy department, has urged the government to seriously lobby China and Russia in anticipation of the possibility that a United Nations Commission of Experts will propose the formation of an international tribunal to settle human rights abuses allegedly committed by Indonesia in East timor in 1999.

"We should make an effort to enable Russia and China to use their veto rights in defending Indonesia. Therefore, we have to seriously lobby these two countries," he told the press a few moments before attending a discussion forum on how to explore Golkar's attitude on the existence of the UN Commission of Experts here on Tuesday.

According to him, even in the experts commission there was an analysis directed at supporting the Truth and Friendship Commission already established by Indonesia and Timor Leste. Indonesia should not only believe it (the analysis).

The UN since March 2005 has formed an Expert Commission manned by Judge Prafullachandra Bhagawati of India, Prof Yoga Yokosa of Japan and Shaista Shameen of Fiji.

"Please don't ever miss the chance. Therefore, lobbies need to be made and the most important is the Truth and Friendship Commission should be manned by credible figures," Muladi said vehemently.

In his view, Russia and China will be easily lobbied to use their veto rights.

Muladi further said that the emergence of Experts Commission constituted unsatisfactory reaction over the Indonesia's judicial court on case relating violation of human rights.

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