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Daily Media Review

Thursday, 01 December 2005

National Media Reports

UIR Member Shot By Unknown Person

A member of the Rapid Response Unit of PNTL was shot by an unknown group of five people in Liquiça District on Monday (28/11). According to Diario Tempo the incident happened during the unilateral commemoration in that district and it is alleged that the group are former militias. The policeman was shot in the hand causing a fracture and is now receiving treatment at Dili National Hospital. (DT)

TL and Norway Sign Cooperation Agreement

The government of Timor-Leste and Norway on Wednesday (30/11) signed an agreement on development cooperation in Dili. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos-Horta and Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor-Leste Bjorn Blokhus signed the document. According to Timor Post the accord emphasises development cooperation for the next three years in the areas of good governance, democracy, human rights and sustainable management for natural resources like oil and natural gas. Ramos-Horta said Norway has been a generous friend and a development partner right from the beginning in 1999 when it pledged $10 million to the development of peace and infrastructures of Timor-Leste. Meanwhile, the Norwegian Ambassador reportedly stated that he could not reveal the amount allocated for the cooperation but that he could only say that his government is happy to provide funds as well as support Timorese students wishing to study in the areas of natural gas and oil in Indonesia, if the government of Timor-Leste requests it.

In a separate article, Timor Post reported on a meeting between Prime Minister Alkatiri and the Ambassador of Nigeria to Indonesia and Timor-Leste, M Buba Ahmed [Wednesday 30/11]. According to this daily, Prime Minister Alkatiri and Ambassador Ahmed discussed areas of cooperation. Speaking to the media following the meeting, Ambassador Ahmed said his country would like to provide assistance to the development of the new nation in areas such as security, training of police, training of the defence force as well as in the area of oil and natural gas management which Nigeria has experience in and can share with the Timorese. (TP)

NP Unanimously Approves Legislation on Former Combatants

The project legislation number 21/1/3 on the statues of the former combatants of the national liberation was generally approved on [Wednesday, 30/11] by 54 votes in favour, one against and one abstaining. MP Jacob Xavier who voted against, said the document does not have the data on the Movimento Nasional da Libertação de Timor Dili (MNTLD). Xavier said MNTLD was an organisation of the resistance that lived overseas to provide support to Timor-Leste independence. Meanwhile, MP Alexandre Corte-Real of Commission A of the Parliament said his commission did not consider Jacob Xavier's ideas because the people in Timor-Leste hardly heard of MNTLD. (TP, STL)

December 4 Case Must be Investigated: Lu'Olo

The President of the National Parliament, Francisco Lu'Olo Guterres, has reportedly recommended to the Prosecutor General to conduct a profound investigation into the December 4, 2002 case which has now gone cold. "I cannot talk about it. Only the prosecutor's office and the public defender are entitled to speak. But as representative of the people in the National Parliament, we would like this case to be resolved properly," Lu'Olo said. He added that at the time the case was tabled to be resolved, it has since not been resolved and therefore he would like the case to be investigated. The President of the Parliament said although the case occurred during UNTAET [UNMISET] period he personally does not condemn the UN because according to him the UN are all smart people therefore the UN must follow up in order to provide some references to the report to give courage to the defender and Prosecutor General of RDTL to proceed with the case. "I cannot say my expectancy for this case. Only UNOTIL and the Prosecutor General can speak better," Lu'Olo added. Questioned whether the case was abandoned because of interference from some leader, Guterres said that as far as he knew the case has been tabled to be resolved and he cannot say whether it has been impeded by UNOTIL or certain bodies. Some of the MPs are of the opinion that the case is the UN's responsibility. (STL)

Settlement of Timor Sea Boundary Will Take Long: President Menezes

Speaking to the media prior to his departure from Timor-Leste, President of Sao Tome and Principe, Fradique Menezes said if Timor-Leste decides to determine the maritime boundary first before exploration of the resources, it will take forever and will not resolve the joint exploration between Timor-Leste and Australia. In regard to this, the maritime boundary and exploration of oil, Timor-Leste has the same experience as Sao Tome with Nigeria. President Menezes pointed out that in 30 years both countries have not reached an agreement. Therefore he said his country decided to have other ideas and not the one of convincing each other of who is wrong and right but sit together with Nigeria to explore the natural resources of the sea between the two countries.

TV News Monitoring

v President Xanana Gusmão launched book of Commander Konis Santana about the dignity of Timor Leste's resistance

On 30 November at the Memorial Hall, President Xanana Gusmão launched a book about the late commander Konis Santana, which was written by the Portuguese mission. Speaking to journalists after the ceremony, President Gusmão reportedly stated that he has requested the Portuguese Mission to write a good book on the resistance history of Timor-Leste. President Gusmão also reportedly suggested to the Portuguese Mission to gather data of the history of Timor-Leste from 1975 to 1999 and to obtain data from all those who were involved in the resistance to free the country. Meanwhile, the younger brother of the late Commander Konis Santana was quoted as saying that their family is happy with the book launching ceremony about the late commander Konis Santana. The family also reportedly suggested to the Government to unearth the mortal remains of Konis Santana from Ermera to bury his remains in Tutuala, in Lautem district.

v The Governments of Timor-Leste and Norway signed a Memorandum of Understanding

On 29 November, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation José Ramos-Horta (on behalf of Timor Leste Government) and the Norway Ambassador for Timor-Leste, Bjorn Blochus, (on behalf of Norway Government) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Natural Resources, Good Governance and Stabilisation of Micro-economy. Speaking to the press after the ceremony, Minister Ramos-Horta was quoted as saying that relations between the peoples of Norway and Timor-Leste have been very good for a long time. Minister Ramos-Horta reportedly added that Government of Norway has experience and knowledge in oil and gas management, so it is good for Timor-Leste to continue its good relations with the Government of Norway. Meanwhile Ambassador Blochus reportedly stated that the Government of Norway has decided to provide support to the Government of Timor-Leste for an additional three years. Mr Blochus also said that the Government of Norway would offer scholarships for Timor-Leste's students to study in Norway or Indonesia.

v Prime Minister Alkatiri Launches the Second Edition of Timor-Leste's stamps.

On 28 November, Prime Minister Alkatiri lunched the second edition of the Timor-Leste's stamps at Hotel Timor. Speaking to journalists after the ceremony, Minister of Telecommunication Ovidio de Jesus Amaral reportedly stated that airmail is an important means of communication between Timor-Leste and the rest of the world. Minister Amaral reportedly added that the second edition of the stamps also shows the photos of the First Prime Minister and of the Proclaimer of the DRTL, so that the young generation can identify the heroes of Timor-Leste.

v Investors Must Convince Timor-Leste's Political Leaders

Speaking to journalists after attending a two-day International Conference on Investment, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation José Ramos-Horta reportedly stated that investors who wish to invest in Timor-Leste must have feel trust in the political leadership of the country. Minister Ramos-Horta also reportedly added that during the conference, he explained very clearly the political situation of the country to investors, who were reportedly satisfied with it given that the country's security situation is much better than in other countries as there is no terrorism and anarchism in Timor-Leste. For this reasons, they wish to invest their money in the country.

v Youth's Organization Held Press Conference Against the Statement Made by the Former Governor Regarding the late Sebastião Gomes

On 29 November, the Youth Organization for Resistance of Timor-Leste held a press conference against the statement made by Mario Viegas Carrascalão regarding the late Sebastião Gomes. The chairman of the youth's organization, Fausto Liurai Tasi, reportedly stated that they do not accept Carrascalão's statement because it seems to deny the historical facts about the involvements of youths in the resistance of Timor-Leste. Meanwhile, a member of the youth organisation, Antonio Railakan, reportedly asked Carrascalão to withdraw his statement.


National News Sources

Timor Post (TP)
Radio Timor-Leste (RTL)
Suara Timor Lorosae (STL)
Diario Tempo (DT)
Diario Nacional
Lia Foun (LF)
Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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