Subject: Letter on Kissinger

 December, 2005

An Phoblacht


Don't share platforms with Kissinger

A Chara,

Recently the McCartney sisters refused to take a platform with former British Prime Minister and war criminal Margaret Thatcher. During this same period our Chief Negotiator while in the US was at a meeting and was photographed with none other than the US war criminal Henry Kissinger. This man has been the chief architect of American foreign policy for the last 30 years.

Henry Kissinger was responsible for the over through the democratically-elected socialist government of Chile. He support the Indonesian invasion of East Timor and carried out secret and illegal mass bombing of Cambodia and Laos. In short this man is responsible for the murdering of tens of thousands of people

The photographs of a smiling Martin McGuinness standing behind Kissinger have seriously damaged Sinn Féin's credibility amongst the progressive left-wing movements of the world. There can be no hiding behind the 'principles and tactics' argument on this issue. Like the McCartney sisters, Martin should have refused to take the platform with a man with such a record as Henry Kissinger.

John O'Connor.

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