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Daily Media Review Monday, 05 July 2005

Demands for an International Tribunal

Around 100 University students staged a peaceful protest in Dili on Monday, demanding the establishment of an International Tribunal for crimes committed in 1999. The demonstration organised by the Frente Estudantes Universitariu de Timor-Leste marched from Dili University campus to the residence of the US Ambassador demanding that the United States establish an international tribunal for justice for the victims of the Indonesian invasion and occupation of Timor-Leste. The spokesperson of the group, Xisto dos Santos said, "the demonstration coincided with the commemoration of US independence on Monday because we wanted to remind the US to remember that our demands for justice for the victims derives from US involvement in the Indonesian invasion of Timor-Leste". All local media covered the protest. (DN, TP, STL, DT, TVTL)

Timor-Leste Tourism Successful

The media reported that the promotion of Timor-Leste tourism has been successful overseas. Based on a CD-Rom promotion of the best tourist attractions, the New York Times published an excellent article about tourism. Prime Minister Alkatiri reportedly said yesterday, "the Government is undertaking hard efforts to enable tourism in the country to become a major financial resource for the economy of Timor-Leste". (DT, TP, TVTL)

New Cabinet To Be Sworn-in

It is reported that Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri has announced that the new Cabinet of the Government will be officially sworn-in on 13 July. STL reported that all ministers stopped their work on Monday awaiting information on the new changes. The Minister for Public Works and Telecommunication Ovídio do Amaral reportedly took the time to make himself available to swear-in 23 new employees for his office (STL)

Carrascalão: Fretilin Won Due to Intimidation

President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Mario Carrascalão said that the Fretilin party won the Village Chief [and Village Council] elections based on a campaign of political terror, intimidation and threats. "PSD also won as individuals in the past elections in Bobonaro and Oecussi, however, in the recent elections, this was not possible because Fretilin launched a campaign of threats, terror and intimidation towards PSD candidates and the general population to not elect members of other parties or they would suffer the consequences". He stressed that this was one of the reasons the population had decided to elect independent candidates, hoping that the elections in Dili will be better because the population is not frightened by intimidation. Timor Post reported that individual candidates were predominantly elected in the Village Chief [and Village Council] elections in the district of Aileu. (STL, TP)

National Parliament Uses A Centralised System

Member of Parliament Rui Menezes of Democrat Party (PD) said the system of the National Parliament is centralised because the first and the second Deputy Presidents lack the ability and competence in presiding debates on the proposed Government budget. Menezes said that this is one of the reasons the Parliament has to wait for the return of the President of the National Parliament from overseas. (TP)

Food Shortages In Sukus (villages)

Secretary of State for Labor and Solidarity, Arsenio Bano said he received information from the Ministry of Agriculture identifying food shortages in about 139 sukus (villages). Bano said a commission has been established and one of their first tasks was to gather information on the identified areas and coordinate the distribution of food. He added that the lowland sea areas in the east and west are the most affected, noting that in most parts of Ataúro island the population is heading towards hunger, as there is no food at all. Arsenio Bano thanks those international organisations like Oxfam and GTZ for coordinating the donation and distribution of food. (DN, TP)

PNTL Patrols In Bobonaro Paralysed

National Police (PNTL) in Bobonaro sub-district has stopped patrolling for the past month due to the lack of facilities like vehicles. According to STL, the PNTL officer responsible for that area said that the only car they have, a Tata Sumo is no longer operational. " We stopped patrolling one month ago in the sub-villages along the road because we have a lack of vehicles and parts of the vehicles are damaged," said Atanasio Barreto. (STL)

Timor Post Editorial on Judge Ximenes' Statement

The Timor Post editorial criticises a statement by the President of the Court of Appeal Claudio Ximenes against the JSMP NGO as reported yesterday which attacked JSMP for creating confusion among the population and affecting Court processes. The editorial considers the statement disappointing and described the Court of Appeal as being 'tightly closed' to the media, adding that the Court of Appeal is a public and not a private institution where one can hide secrets of internal management.

The editorial continues that the Court of Appeal being a public institution, like any other, must have transparency according to the ethics of public institutions therefore there should be no debate at all. The editorial also says that the statement is disappointing as it is the responsibility of civil society to contribute to the judicial process, which now has to face a thick 'wall'. The editorial says that these kind of initiatives from civil society is what is needed to develop this nation in order for society to have the courage to contribute to the improvements in the system. The editorial goes on to say that it is hoped that the type of pressure on Judge Claudio Ximenes will spread to other authorities so that in the end all the public institutions will be transparent and follow the orders of the 'commandant' (TP).

Hesri Setiwan: Don't Hurt the Feelings of the Timorese

After the launch of the Indonesian translation of the book entitled "Addicted to War" on US Government politics at the NGO Forum Office on Monday 4 July, former Indonesian political prisoner Hesri Setiwan, reportedly stated that the most important thing is not to hurt the feelings of the Timorese people by establishing a Truth and Friendship Commission. According to the newspaper, Setiwan said that the realization of the Truth and Friendship Commission would damage principles of justice. (STL)

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