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Daily Media Review Thursday, 07 July 2005

Joint Ministerial Meeting in Jakarta

Timor-Leste’s Foreign Minister José Ramos-Horta led the Timorese delegation to Jakarta for the third Joint Ministerial Commission meeting scheduled for 6-9 July 2005 reported Timor Post. According to the newspaper, both nations will discuss among other issues, borders, finance, trading, education, culture, transport and telecommunications. The Joint Ministerial Commission was established in 2002.

Ramos-Horta said “Timor-Leste remembers that since the violence of 1999, our border is calm which demonstrates the willingness of the Indonesian military leadership to disarm the former militias and prevent their territory being used as a base to destabilise Timor-Leste.” The Minister added that critics of the political reconciliation, which has been active and dynamic between the Governments of Timor-Leste and Indonesia, should not forget that the peace achieved by the Timorese today is due to the role of Indonesia in the political reconciliation process with Timor-Leste. (TP)

Timor Telecom and BNU Officially Open Branches in Bobonaro

The Minister of Telecommunications and Public Transport officially inaugurated Timor Telecom and BNU branches in Maliana on Tuesday. During the ceremony, the Director of Timor Telecom stated “In the future, Timor Telecom will try as much possible to progressively extend its network throughout the country. In a separate article in Timor Post, it was reported that Timor Telecom will soon sell 10 dollars telephone credit cards. (TP, DN)

Observers Must Follows the Rules

The Director of the Election Administrative Technical Secretariat (STAE), Tomas Cabral said that STAE has told some groups of independent observers during the recent village elections not to be part of the process due to their refusal to obey the rules. Cabral clarified that STAE had refused to allow some observers from political parties to participate in the recent elections in Ainaro, Same and Aileu.

In Diaro Tempo, Member of Parliament João Gonçalves (PSD) requested an investigation into a case in Fahihian in Manufahi when a STAE staff member refused to allow a prospective PSD candidate to run for village chief or the village council as he did not have the required documents which, Goncalves contends, was not correct. (TP, DT)

Fretilin Won in Ainaro

Member of Parliament Francisco Branco (Fretilin) reportedly said his party had won 33 percent of the Ainaro village chief and village council positions, adding that 33 percent of elected independent candidates belonged to Fretilin. Branco dismissed rumours that his party had lost in Ainaro as untrue. MP Eusebio Guterres (PD) said that his party had won by 5 seats though Ainaro is not their area of base support. (TP)

Petrol Fund Must Be Independent

President of Social Democrat Party (PSD) Mario Carrascalão said that he would like to see Timor-Leste’s Petroleum Fund independent from the Government. STL reported Carrascalão as saying, “we can see that Alkatiri is strongly controlling this fund through the Ministry of Finance. In my opinion, it is better that this fund is independent, that means it should be independently controlled or under the Parliament, not the Government”. Carrascalão added that if the Government continues to control the fund and invest overseas without transparency to the population it clearly opens the fund to corruption. “ I cannot see transparency in the Petroleum Fund through PM Alkatiri’s Government. People are talking about corruption, and the Government keeps on saying there must facts. I consider the Government of Alkatiri is not capable of abolishing corruption,” stressed Mario Carrascalão. (STL)

JSMP Is Not a Political Party

All daily national print media reported on a press conference held by “The Justice System Monitoring Programme” to respond to accusations made by the President of the Court of Appeals, Claudio Ximenes as reported in the media.

JSMP Director, Tiago Sarmento, stressed that his organization is not a political party and does not work under a political party mandate, adding it is an independent organization established to conduct monitoring and research in the area of justice. Sarmento went on to say that JSMP has no objective in creating confusion and problems for the public, noting that there is a need to continue helping government policy in order to develop the justice system, identify problems and disseminate information to civil society. Sarmento pointed out that JSMP had recently attempted several times to meet with the President of Court of Appeal by writing four letters, making many phone calls and also providing reports written by JSMP, aiming at discussing all such challenges, but President of Court of Appeal did not respond to the letters sent.

Tiago Sarmento noted that the President of Court of Appeal had said that the data and information released by JSMP through its reports was inaccurate. However, JSMP kindly requested the President of Court of Appeal to indicate where the inaccuracies are, adding that JSMP always closely checks data including through comments from court actors before publication. He concluded that JSMP hopes to be able to collaborate [with Ximenes] in the future. (TP, DT, DN, STL)

Minister of Interior Warns PNTL Investigation Unit

Minister of Interior Rogério Lobato and his deputy, Alcino Barris met with the PNTL Investigation Unit to encourage the traffic and criminal investigation units to perform properly. Alcino Barris told the media that some police officers are performing well but one or two have failed in their performance. In the meantime, PNTL held a workshop in the Police Academy on how to deal with children and young people affected by broken homes and unemployment. (TP, STL, DT)

Extension of CAVR Mandate

President of CAVR, Aniceto Guterres has requested the National Parliament to extend the organizations’ mandate for another 3 months to enable the completion of the CAVR report. According to Diaro Tempo, the National Parliament rejected the extension and approved a 3-week extension only. Guterres said the report is in English and Indonesian languages and the Portuguese language version is expected to be completed in the month of September in order to enable President Gusmão to present it to the Parliament. (DT)

Dili District Court Cases Reduced By 61

Dili District Court has processed 54 criminal and civil cases in 2005, reported Timor Post on Thursday. The interim head of the court, Antonio do Carmo said a total of 33 criminal cases were processed since January 2005, noting that 7 cases of habeus corpus were decided in 2005 and another request was made on Wednesday. Carmo said the court still used the applicable Indonesian civil code while the decision format remains different. (TP)

Government Must Clarify the Borders

MP Antonio Leland (Independent) said the Government, particularly the Foreign Ministry must clarify policy regarding the borders and the agreements signed by the Government to the people of Oecussi, Maliana and Suai. Leland said that he has raised this question in the past but has not received a response. (DT)

Ximenes: UDC and PDC Will Try to Merge as One Party

MP Antonio Ximenes (PDC) said members of his party and UDC will discuss the merging of both parties. He said that at the leadership level there had already been discussion on how to turn the two parties into one. Ximenes added that once the parties’ national structures are concluded then there will be a concentration on unification. (TP)

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