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Daily Media Review Friday, 08 July 2005

National Media Reports of Weapons Purchases and Procurement allegations

National radio and most national daily print media reported the article published yesterday in The Australian (see UNOTIL Daily Media Review of 7 July) regarding the purchase of weapons by the Ministry of Interior and allegations in relation to procurement procedures. Timor Post, however, published only the response of the Office of the Prime Minister to the report as included in yesterday’s Daily Media Review. Another such article published today’s edition of The Australian by the same journalist is included below. (STL, Diario, DT, TP, RTL)

Call to Publish Results of Joint Ministerial Meeting: Lobato

MPs Lucia Lobato (PSD) and Rui Menezes (PD) said that the Joint Ministerial Commission meeting in Jakarta is positive as, for the third time, issues would be discussed such as borders, finance, assets, laws, and education which would strengthen the ties between Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Both are of the opinion that the results of the meeting should be made public. (TP, TVTL, DN)

Reshuffle Must Remove Incompetent Ministers: Ximenes

Human Rights and Justice Provedor Sebastião Diaz Ximenes reportedly said that the Prime Minister Alkatiri must remove those ministers and secretaries of state lacking the capacity to perform their duties in the last three years in the government reshuffle which will soon take place. Ximenes said the changes in government should not be exaggerated but seen as an effective step in improving government performance. (TP)

Elections: PD-Fretilin Different Ideas

MP Joao Gonçalves reportedly said that in the evaluation of the results of the Village elections in Aileu, Ainaro and Manufahi, there are differences in the results for Partido Social Democrata (PSD) and Fretilin due to “threats, intimidation and terror” by Fretilin during the election. He added that although Fretilin has rejected the accusations, as a party with the majority of seats in the Parliament, it should set an example by not behaving in such a manner and adhere to the democratic principles of the Constitution. Gonçalves said that should Fretilin continue to behave in such a manner that they would lose the forthcoming national elections in 2007.

In an article in Timor Post, the Director of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) James Oliver said that he respects the decision made by STAE to remove NDI national observers from an Ainaro polling station for not obeying the rules. Oliver stressed that the election process can, in fact, be assessed as better than in some other countries. He said that the work carried out by STAE was transparent and involved the participation of all the population, women, youth and the traditional elders. (TVTL, TP)

Village Chiefs Ready to Commence Work

Timor Post today reports that 3 newly-elected village chiefs in Venilale sub-district are ready to commence work. A ceremony has been held in each of the villages with the participation of Venilale Administrator and members of PNTL and UIR. The ceremonies were concluded on 13 June with the theme “To Give, To Recognize and To Carry the Task Forward”. In the meantime the President of Court of Appeal, Claudio Ximenes stated that the Village Chiefs who were sworn in by the local community are not yet official because the Court of Appeal has not announced the official results. In a separate article, Diario Tempo reported STAE Director, Tomas Cabral as saying that polling staff were not recruited by District Administrators (TVTL, TP)

Court of Appeal Applies Oppressive Laws

The Judicial System Monitoring Program, through its monthly bulleting, period 20 May -30 June stated that the decision by the Court of Appeal to extend the detention of those who committed crimes based on Indonesian criminal code sections 106 and 107 are considered oppressive. (TP)

Editorial: Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting

Today’s Timor Post editorial focuses on the Joint Minister Commission meeting in Jakarta. It says that the results of previous meetings were never made public but hopefully the public will be able to have access to the Foreign Ministry and find out the outcome of the meeting. The editorial points to the technical directorate of the Ministry to be well prepared issues such as assets during the talks with Indonesia. It says that hopefully the third Joint Ministerial Commission will be able to find some positive ways forward for the future. In conclusion, it is suggested that should Indonesia request compensation for its assets, then the Timorese delegations should respond by maintaining that Timor-Leste also has the right for war compensation in accordance with the international conventions. (TP)

COE Recommendations to Improve Indonesia Legal System

In response to Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda’s recent comments that the best solution for addressing cases from 1999 as being the Truth and Friendship Commission, Coordinator of the Indonesian Kontras Human Rights Group, Usman Hamid, told the media that there was no need for the Indonesian government to refuse the UN Commission of Experts recommendations. This, he said, was due to some of the recommendations presented by the COE actually providing an opportunity to improve the Indonesian legal and judicial system. (Antara in TP)

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