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Daily Media Review Friday, 15 July 2005

Development Should Not Be Done in a Hurry

Prime Minister Alkatiri said development should be done in a hurry but slowly to enable the Timorese to reach what they want adding that although it is a small government, it has cadres at the medium and low level with capacity to carry the work forward. Alkatiri said the Government wants to implement the development according to the national development plans. The Prime Minister added, "I want to stress that accusations that development is not taking place, this is not correct. This is a way of trying to force the government to collapse, in order for them to win". Minister of Agriculture Fisheries and Environment, Estanislau da Silva said although the budget for his Ministry had increased it should be higher as it needs capacity to implement it moderately. Minister for Telecommunications, Transport and Public Works, Ovidio de Jesus said US$19 million of the budget is allocated to road repairs in the rural areas and the national roads. (TP, DN, TVTL)

Indonesia Wants to Settle Pending Borders Problems The head of the Bilateral Division of the Foreign Ministry, Emanuel Tilman said Indonesia wants to settle the unresolved pending border issues, reported Timor Post Friday. A meeting took place in Dili yesterday, Thursday, as a follow up to the Joint Ministerial Commission meeting in Jakarta. "This meeting, today, is to discuss again the points we have agreed with Indonesia, based on the recent meeting and to resolve points which up until now has not been agreed by Indonesia," Tilman told the media. According to Tilman 4% of the remaining pending border issues are two areas in Oecussi. (TP)

Border Officers Equipped with Heavy Weapons

Minister of Interior, Rogério Lobato said the police officers currently stationed in Oecussi are now using heavy weapons to maintain security. Lobato said the Border Patrol Unit is now using AGA Kapa 33 which a good quality of weapon made in Germany but donated to Timor-Leste by the Malaysian Government. He pointed that the BPU needs this kind of weapon because Oecussi has a huge border line and there are a few isolated sub-villages and sandalwood which need to be protected. (TP)

Cuban Delegation Meets President Gusmão

A delegation composed of four Cubans on Thursday paid a courtesy visit to President Gusmão and also to discuss about the scholarships provided to the Timorese currently studying in Cuba. The delegation's visit is also to see the work of the 16 Cubans doctors working with the Ministry of Health in various Districts including Dili. (STL, DN)

TL's Ambassador Mission to Malaysia Completed

Jaffar Alkatiri told the media on Thursday after meeting with President Gusmão that as of yesterday, Thursday he's no longer Timor-Leste's Ambassador to Malaysia. Alkatiri said he wanted to resign from his post last year but continued as Ambassador for one more year on the request of President Gusmão. He said he returned to Dili upon completion of his full term of service. With regards to the success or not of his mission, Alkatiri told the media to ask the Director of the Foreign Affairs Ministry which has the to documents every ambassador and their performances. (DN, STL)

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