Subject: UNOTIL Daily Media Review 25 July 2005


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Daily Media Review Monday, 25 July 2005

PNTL Officers Conclude Training

About 48 PNTL officers concluded a Train the Trainers raining in the Police Academy in Dili on Friday. The training covered areas such as administration, finance human rights, police legislation and investigation and supported by the Governments of Australia and United Kingdom. The second phase training is scheduled for August 25 until November and will be focusing in specialized areas. (TP, DN)

Threats of Food Shortages in Maubisse

The Administrator of Maubisse Sub-District José Mendonsa said due to the short rainfall in that region there is a threat of food shortages as most of the crops planted by the population have all dried up. Meanwhile four NGO’s namely NCBA, AMKA, Moris Rasik and PARK have been working with the community in that area in different areas like coffee and health clinics, agriculture, forest and train the local community how to grow better vegetablesDiario Tempo reported that the Commission established by the Secretary of State for Labor and Solidarity has already received a listing of the areas affected and is looking into the problem. (TP, DT)

CAVR Documents Will be Archived

A technical secretariat will be established to ensure that all the data collected by CAVR during the 24 years of human rights violation will be archived as the State patrimony. Jacinto Alves, member of CAVR said the secretariat would work closely with the executive director to disseminate the Commission’s final report in the country as well as internationally. (TP)

Community Excavates Falintil Remains

The population in Bui-Bau, Baucau sub-district on Sunday held a ceremony to excavate the remains of 107 Falintil members killed between 1980 and 1990 during the Indonesian occupation. Present at the event were two Members of Parliament from Fretilin, local authorities and a priest. The remains will be buried in Bui-Bau cemetery. (TP)

Indonesian War Ship Docks in Dili

A press released by the Indonesian Embassy last Friday stated that the Indonesian ship KRI “Teluk Ende” will anchor in Dili Port on 24 July and depart on 26 July. The visit of the ship is to strengthen the friendship between Timor-Leste and Indonesia and the two countries’ marine units. The ship carries 114 crew members, including 94 marine cadets plus 14 officials. While anchoring in Dili the officers would pay a state visit to the Timorese authorities and the ship will be open to the public.. (TP, DT)

Preparing Timorese to Work Overseas

The Government, through the Secretariat for Labour and Solidarity is preparing 10,000 Timorese workers within the next five years to work overseas. The Head of the Department, Arsenio Bano, said the Government is making all efforts to enter into an agreement with countries still requiring workers in order to prepare Timorese workers. Bano said the first phase would be to send 200 people to South Korea this year. He added that the purpose of this program, which is between one to three years, is to reduce unemployment, to gain more knowledge and change the mentality of the workers when they return to Timor-Leste. (DP)

Non-Christians Unable to Get Certificates

A comment in Diario Tempo focuses on the high demand for RDTL identification certificates noting that the registry office is constantly full of people. This daily also reported that only those people with baptism certificates are issued the document, leaving out the atheists without RDTL identification certificates. (DT)

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