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Daily Media Review Tuesday, 26 July 2005

New Cabinet Announcement

Prime Minister Alkatiri said the new government structures will be announced on Wednesday. Alkatiri said he is consulting President Gusmão on those selected before making the announcement public. "I have to present it to the President to hear his opinion on those people that I have selected and then make it public on July 27", Alkatiri told the media on Monday, denying rumours of shifting of Ministers from their current posts. (TP, DN)

Support Foundation No Longer Exists: Alkatiri

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri has affirmed that the police will resolve any case about the existence of any group with the intention of establishing the Support Foundation in the territory. Alkatiri was referring to the information about the existence of the Support Foundation in Liquiça District, organized by a group led by Commander Labarik. He added that the police will react if something emerges. (DN, TP, STL)

Definition of Partnership is Important: Gusmão

President Gusmão has recommended to the Vice-Minister of Development and Environment, Abel Ximenes to meet with local and international NGO's with the aim of defining partnership with the Government, reported the media on Tuesday. (DN, TP, STL)

Former Combatants and Falintil Veterans to be Honoured Upon his arrival from the United States of America, President Gusmão told the media that in August 2006 the State will recognize former combatants and Falintil Veterans. "This is the deadline the State has decided. The Parliament and the Government is now working on the legislation, therefore only in May 2006 they will be officially recognized," President Gusmão said. (DN)

Indonesian Naval Officers Visited F-FDTL Headquarters

A delegation of the Indonesian Naval Forces on Monday paid a visit to F-FDTL Headquarters in Tasi Tolu and met with Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak. Matan Ruak said it is the first meeting between the military institutions, adding that the meeting was important for future cooperation between the two Armed Forces. (TP, DN, STL)

President and Prime Minister Unware of Candidates for TFC President Gusmão and Prime Minister Alkatiri have affirmed they do not have any knowledge yet of the candidates for the Truth and Friendship Commission, reported the media on Tuesday. President Gusmão said the names would be made public after consulting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, noting that prior to that it is necessary to know about the list of candidates from Indonesia. (DN)

ASDT First District Level Congress Associação Democratica Timorence (ASDT) held its first Congress at the District level in Lautem, Lospalos sub-district last Saturday. The Congress was led by the Party's President, Francisco Xavier do Amaral, who said the people of that region had shown political maturity during the gathering. This is the first ASDT Congress in that region. (STL)

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