Subject: UNOTIL Daily Media Review 27 July 2005


Daily Press Review 27 July 2005

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Daily Media Review

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Member of Police Intelligence Shoots Youth

A youth escaped a shot fired by a member of PNTL intelligence force on Monday night in Comoro Dili after he demanded more money for his work from the owner of a gambling center, reported the media on Wednesday. MP Osorio Florindo reported the incident to the Parliament plenary session on Tuesday. According to Florindo, the policeman with the initials AJ also worked in the center as a security guard. He called other police on his radio soon after the shooting, falsely reporting that some people were destroying about five cars belonging to Makikit iha Kampung Baru, Comoro. He also said that according to the victim Henrique Nonato, the same police officer has been using the pistol to provide security to the gambling center, adding that he is prepared to testify in the case as he witnessed it. Minister of Interior Rogério Lobato told the media that if the report of the incident is true then he will expel the officer. (TP, DN, DT, STL)

Consultative Group Meeting on PNTL

All the local media reported on the 2nd Consultative Group Meeting on PTNL held in the UN Headquarters in Dili. Diario National reported the Prime Minister as saying that PNTL still needed to improve its internal management. Timor Post quoted the Minister of Interior as saying that trust is required between the PNTL and the Indonesian National Police to establish good relation at the border. This daily also published UNOTIL's press release at the conclusion of the meeting. Diario Tempo reported that the success of PNTL is a result of donors' assistance and that UNOTIL and the Government are finding ways to improve the capacity of the National Police. (DT, DN, TP, TVTL)

Border Police Without Food

Member of Parliament Lucia Lobato on Tuesday raised her concerns about food for the police at the border. Lobato said according to information received since July 15 police working in the border areas have not received any food and their living conditions are poor, forcing them to perform their work improperly. She said the police have been depending on customs police for food. (DT)

Parliament Approves Bill on Public Ministry

The National Parliament on Monday approved the legislation on the Public Ministry. The legislation would clearly define the Prosecutor-General's tasks in Timor-Leste and well as training for the staff of the Prosecutor-General's office. (TP)

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