Subject: Daily Media Review Monday, 25 May 2005

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Daily Media Review
Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Ramos-Horta rejects Australian media claims

Timor-Leste Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has rejected claims by the Australian media that the two countries have finally come to an agreement on the exploration of oil and gas by shelving a resolution of the maritime boundary for fifty years. Speaking in an interview with Australia's ABC last Saturday, Ramos-Horta said that the Australian media has blurred the result of constructive discussions between the two parties, and he criticized the Australian media for their lack of professionalism. Ramos-Horta said that as yet no figures have been discussed nor a resolution of the boundary dispute found.

Meanwhile, MP's from various factions in the National Parliament sharply criticised Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer in relation to his comments that Timor-Leste and Australia had ratified the Greater Sunrise Accord. Eusebio Guterres from the Democratic Party said that recent propaganda will cause the Australian people to lose sympathy for Timor-Leste's cause. Clementino dos Reis Amaral from the KOTA party said that Downer's statements is trying to deny the important role of the Timorese people in protecting Australian soldiers during WWII. (STL, Timor Post)

Police attack village chief

The Village Chief of Leorema from Bazartete sub-district, Liquica, Quintiliano dos Santos alleged that he was attacked by a group of PNTL from the Rapid Intervention Unit (UIR) on 14 May. Christian Democrat Party MP Lucio Gomes raised the issue in a Plenary Session at the National Parliament on Tuesday, saying that dos Santos was accused by police of hindering activities run by the NGO CARE, and according to newspaper reports, the police kicked dos Santos and forced him into the police vehicle. (STL)

World Vision opens training centre

The NGO World Vision has opened a training centre in Baucau with the aim of increasing the skills of those youth who have completed secondary school but not continued on to university. World Vision representative Rosa M. de Jesus Pereira said that courses offered at the centre include English language, communications and office administration. De Jesus said that the training will prepare youth for future employment opportunities. (Timor Post)

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