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Daily Media Review Thursday 13 April 2006

National Media Reports

“Petition” case to be resolved during Easter: PM Alkatiri

Prime Minister Alkatiri stated that President Gusmão would soon contact the former 591 F-FDTL soldiers to resolve their problem. He added that Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak and other commanders would continue to work together to try and find a solution to the problem. Alkatiri said that Easter is a good time to resolve any problems. According to media reports, Prime Minister Alkatiri and President Gusmão have started putting ideas together to try and find a solution to contribute to peace consolidation and stability for the nation. Alkatiri stressed that the soldiers would not return to the F-FDTL headquarters.

In a separate article, in response to concerns raised by the civil society regarding the former F-FDTL soldiers, Alkatiri said the leadership does not need lessons from the civil society, highlighting that the state and the nation is not governed by an NGO. He stressed that some civil society are not following the case and want to take advantage of the situation to be promoted/get their name in the newspapers and gain public approval. It was reported that some civil society are concerned that the leaders are not trying to resolve the problem seriously.

STL reported that Foreign Minister Ramos-Horta and F-FDTL Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak met on Wednesday to discuss the latest development regarding the ‘petition group’. (TP, STL)

Some Prosecutors not performing their duties: Lobato

Minister of Interior, Rogerio Lobato told the media during a press conference on Thursday, that he has requested SRSG Hasegawa to monitor international staff, especially those working for the justice system. Lobato stated that according to information he received, some expatriate prosecutors working in Timor-Leste are not performing their duties but rather are spending their time travelling to Bali and therefore not working on court cases. Lobato said, “they come here to earn big money to spend holidays or to work in Timor? That’s my question”. The press conference was in relation to the detention of 32 people for alleged involvement in the murder of a 22-year-old man on Monday night in Colmera, Dili.

The Minister notes that the role of the international prosecutors is to resolve court cases, assist the government with law and order and develop the justice system. According to reports in the Timor Post, the Minister mentions that the prosecutors do not treat police officers kindly and victims are afraid to lodge their complaints. The article further mentions that the Minister asked Prosecutor General Longuinhos Monteiro, who was present at the press conference, to control ‘his people’ at the tribunal, especially the prosecutors. In response, Monteiro confirmed that the international prosecutors are not doing their work within the public ministry. Based on this confirmation, Minister Lobato reportedly asked the Prosecutor General to ask those not working to return to their country, as there are other people interested in working in Timor-Leste.

STL reported MP Alexandre Corte-Real (UDT) as saying that the Minister of Justice is too weak to keep an eye on the international workers in the judicial area. Corte-Real is of the same opinion as Minister Lobato in that international staff working in the justice sector are not serious in focusing on their work in the courts. In a separate article, Minister Lobato said he has also heard many rumours that within a few days certain groups will create problems in Dili. Therefore, he appealed to the population to work with the police to stop these people whom he describes as criminals because the war has ended in Timor-Leste. (TP, STL)

SRSG Hasegawa Establishes Fact-Finding Commission Into The Performance Of UNOTIL/UNDP International Advisers Assigned To The Office Of The Prosecutor-General

Dili, 13 April 2006- SRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa established today a UN fact-finding commission into the performance of UNOTIL/UNDP international advisers working in the Office of the Prosecutor-General. This Commission is headed by Deputy SRSG, Maj. Gen. Anis Bajwa, with members Mr. Kazi Ahmed, Conduct and Discipline Adviser for UNOTIL, and Mr. Endre Vigeland of UNDP. SRSG Hasegawa noted that international advisers are assigned to various government or state institutions, including the Office of the Prosecutor-General and work under the respective ministry or department.

SRSG Hasegawa was surprised to read the comments made in the press by the Minister of Interior, Rogerio Lobato, with regards to international prosecutors assigned to the Office of the Prosecutor-General not working well. Furthermore, in reading Prosecutor-General Longinhos Monteiro’s remarks, SRSG Hasegawa notes that the Prosecutor-General is responsible for the supervision and management of the UNOTIL/UNDP international advisers assigned to his office. (UNOTIL Statement)

Misunderstanding about number of observers: Tomas

Responding to a statement by some MPs that ‘it is too soon for parties to present 1,000 observers during the 2007 elections,’ Tomas Cabral, Director of the STAE, said there has been a misunderstanding. Cabral said, “STAE is not in charge of observers and political parties fiscal, national and international NGO observers; that is the function of CNE. He clarified that STAE is responsible for organizing the elections, registering observers, enlisting voters, preparing ballot centres and materials. (TP)

RTTL News Monitoring - 13­4­2006

Government will not ban martial arts groups

In relation to the martial arts group fighting in Colmera-Dili last Monday night, the family of the victims suggested that the government must ban such groups in Timor-Leste. In response, Prime Minister Alkatiri stated that the government would not make a decree law to stop martial arts groups but it plans to educate members of such groups. Alkatiri said that it is important that the police continue to control the entire situation. He added that on his recent visit to Ainaro, he met with the KORKA martial arts group and told the members that they need not use martial arts as a means to fight with others, but that the skill should be used as sport.

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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