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Daily Media Review Friday, 21 April 2006

National Media Reports

Maubusi Does Not Have The Rights To Speak About Congress: Lu’Olo

On Thursday the media reported Vicente Maubusi as saying that 80 percent of Fretilin delegates will not vote for Francisco Guterres, Lu’Olo and Mari Alkatiri as the President and Secretary General of the party due to pending problems and no national structure connection within districts.

Francisco Guterres, Lu’Olo reportedly responded that Vicente Maubusi does not have the right to make comments regarding Fretilin’s national congress because he has been suspended from the party’s Central Committee. Lu’Olo said it is of no concern whether 80 percent of the delegates vote for them but he believes that same number will not vote for Maubusi. He added that the regional meeting is to look into issues of concern and to discuss changes to the statute.

President And The Sovereign Bodies Will Resolve ‘Petitioners’ Problem: PM Alkatiri

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri reportedly said President Gusmão and the sovereign bodies are working together to resolve the problem of F-FDTL institution. “Our politics is like the State. What we have been doing we will continue to do. President Xanana and I reached a consensus that the petitioners must collaborate and cooperate in the process we have defined on how to clarify the whole situation. The petitioners themselves have already declared they will not return to F-FDTL headquarters,” Prime Minister Alkatiri said. He added that although the ‘group’ is not returning to the institution, the problem they raised must be resolved. According to Timor Post, the Minister appealed to the population not to panic about the protest that the 591 soldiers are planning. He added that the petitioners are no longer entitled to salary as they have quit the army but the State is looking into their conditions so that they may live like any other ordinary citizen.

In response to the statement made by Minister of Interior that some priests are supporting the ‘petitioners group’, Fr. Domingos Soares Maubere said the church is everywhere to attend to the cries and suffering of the people and that is what the church is doing with the 591 petitioners by providing counsel to them so that they may live in the realm of peace and stability.

Minister of Interior, Rogério Lobato has reportedly appealed to the ‘petitioners group’ not to listen to third parties to avoid provocations. According to the media, Lobato visited many areas of Dili to speak to youth groups to provide correct information and to calm the population.

Salsinha Gastão rejects statement by the Minister of Interior, Rogerio Lobato that he received information saying the group has grenades and Molotov bombs. “We, the petitioners, have already said we do not have grenades and Molotov bombs but we have bayonets, which we acquired as military…,” said Gastão.

It is reported that market vendors are starting to flee to the mountains worried the protest will prompt a repetition of 4th December 2002 when vendors were beaten.

RTTL News headlines


Interior Minister meets the population

The Interior Minister, Rogerio Lobato, held a number of meetings with the community in different parts of Dili on Thursday, RTTL reported. At these meetings, Minister Lobato reportedly explained the current security situation to the population. He told the population that security responsibility is not merely that of the police but of the entire community. Meanwhile, the population made statements calling on the authorities not to divide the country and urged PNTL to maintain security and stability.

Every citizens has the freedom of expression: PM Alkatiri

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, the Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri reportedly stated that every citizen has the right to express his or her opinion but should not turn to violence. In relation to the petitioners’ planned demonstration, the PM said that he would not bow to any pressure and that the demonstration would not change the state’s policy on how to solve the F-FDTL problem. The Prime Minister added that the petitioners will not return to the institution but their problems will be addressed.

“Nahe Biti Boot” for unity

The population in Vera Cruz sub-district, Dili, held a traditional Timorese gathering called “Nahe Biti Boot” reportedly to strengthen the unity among the Timorese people. The gathering was organized by seven sucos in the Sub-District and attended by some Government officials.

Sandalwood stolen in Venilale

From the District, meanwhile, RTTL reported that unknown groups have been stealing sandalwood in the area of suco Bahamori, Venilale sub-district of Baucau. Speaking to journalists, the Cefe Suco of Bahamori stated this has been happening since January but that perpetrators have not been identified.

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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