Subject: Indonesian party not to dismiss convicted human rights abuser, Eurico

Indonesian party not to dismiss convicted human rights abuser


Text of report by Raden Rachmadi headlined: PAN not to dismiss Eurico Guterres" by Indonesian Tempo Interaktif website on 21 April

Tempo Interaktif, Jakarta: The National Mandate Party (PAN) promised not to dismiss Eurico Guterres from his position as the director of the party's East Nusa Tenggara Regional Executive Board. This is despite the fact that his appeal against his conviction on human rights violations in East Timor was rejected by the Supreme Court.

"We can appreciate Eurico's struggle to maintain the Unitary Republic of Indonesia," said PAN's Central Executive Council Secretary-General Zulkifli Hasan at the party's national work meeting in Jakarta yesterday (16 April).

Eurico retained his position as PAN's East Nusa Tenggara chairman by acclamation with colleagues from other regions also supporting him.

Eurico told the press that he chose PAN as his party because it was consistent in its fight to achieve the people's goals. "What PAN fights for accords with my conscience," he said.

He promised that in the 2009 General Election, his branch would send representatives to the House of Representatives (DPR). "We are targeting three seats from East Nusa Tenggara for the House in the 2009 Election," he said.

Source: Tempo Interaktif website, Jakarta, in Indonesian 21 Apr 06

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