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Daily Media Review Friday 28 April 2006

National Media Reports

Four Sovereign bodies form new investigation commission

The government, through PM Mari Alkatiri, reportedly explained that an idea has been proposed to establish one State commission to investigate the petitioners’ claims. In this regard, two representatives will be chosen directly from the office of the President, two from the National Parliament, two from the government such as State Minister Ana Pessoa and Vice Minister of Interior, Alcino Barris and one from the Tribunal with participation from the Church and the civil society as a consultative member. (DN, STL, TP)

Lobato: Some individuals provoke the petitioners

Interior Minister, Rogerio Tiago Lobato reportedly stated that regarding the current situation, some individuals are taking advantage of the situation to provoke and push the petitioners to demonstrate. Minister Lobato said “there is a third party among the protesters, and some have said that the government is incompetent”. The media further reported that Lobato also pointed out that intelligence has taken photographs of some foreigners supporting the petitioners and that these photos are currently in police custody. (DN, STL)

BPU and TNI jointly patrol the frontier between TL and RI

STL reportedly quoted Commandant of Border Patrol Unit (BPU), Guilhermino Ataido, in Tunubibi as saying that in relation to the Malibaka incident which occurred on 6 January 2006, BPU and Indonesian Military (TNI) are working together to provide increased security along the Frontier of each respective country with the intention of preventing illegal border crossings. Ataido said, “BPU is cooperating with TNI, especially contingent 744 which is based near the Indonesian and Timor-Leste frontier. Therefore, we have created a “joint patrol”. (STL)

Tilman: Lack of investment in TL is no fault of the petitioners

Timor Post quotes MP Manuel Tilman, spokesperson for KOTA, as saying that the government, rather than the petitioners, is at fault for the current situation in the country which may impact investment. Francisco da Costa Cabral Lay, President of a small and medium business enterprise (SME) told TP and STL that the current situation should be resolved otherwise private investment can be affected. (TP)

Fire at Taibessi Market sees kiosk burnt down

The Taibessi Market was a scene of destruction again yesterday, with one kiosk being burnt down. The fire did not spread to other kiosks, as it was put out quickly by the surrounding community. The situation in the market became increasingly tense, and those traders who had returned to tidy up their stalls and belongings from the previous day’s destruction then fled again. The community is concerned due to the threat from the leader of the dismissed soldiers, Gastão Salsinha, that there will be trouble if at the end of the week of demonstrations there is still no solution presented by the government. There were no deaths in yesterday’s market violence, and the police were able to arrest the perpetrator/s of the vandalism. (STL, DN, TP)

Salsinha meets Bishop Ricardo and PM Alkatiri

Spokesperson for the F-FDL petitioners Gastão Salsinha yesterday met with Dili Diocese Bishop Alberto Ricardo and Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, accompanied by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos Horta. During the meeting, the four came to an agreement to establish a commission to investigate the charge of discrimination within the F-FDTL. Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Salsinha said that whether the petitioners agree with the proposed commission or not will depend on what the commission does and who will be involved. He said that he himself is interested and concerned to see who will be on the investigating team, and that he has doubts as to its success if only one state institution is involved. (TP)

Bishop Ricardo: “The Church is Concerned with Situation of the Country”

Speaking to the media on Thursday after meeting with the spokesperson of F-FDTL’s petitioners, Gastão Salsinha, Dili Diocese Bishop Mgr. Alberto Ricardo da Silva stated that the Church is also concerned with the situation of Timor-Leste where people destroy each other, adding that therefore the Church, consisting not only of bishops, priests and nuns but also of the majority of Timorese, tries its best to create a condition where people can live in peace in tranquillity.

“If people are concerned with the situation, the Church is also the same, therefore we all hope that everyone will be united,” said Bishop Ricardo da Silva.

In addition, Bishop Ricardo da Silva said that Timor-Leste should show a good example to the world on how to live in tranquillity, and that there should not be any chaos, otherwise Timor-Leste’s reputation will be tarnished in the eyes of international community, and there will be never a better chance to receive any support. Bishop Ricardo da Silva hopes that for a new commission to be set up [by the organs of State] for investigating the allegations of discrimination within F-FDTL institution] in which the Church supports, there should be trust and good will among the people to tackle the matter so that a final solution can be found for the benefit of the nation. (Diario Nacional)

Regional Media Reports

Timor-Leste: Incidents during the demonstration, shots on the street

Dili, 28 April 2006 (Lusa) ­ Serious incidents near the Government Palace occurred today at around 13:30 hours local time in the framework of the demonstration taking place in Dili since Monday last. The incidents coincided with the end of a meeting of businessmen at the main hotel of Timor-Leste where a luncheon was scheduled with the participation of the President of the Republic, Xanana Gusmão, and the Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, in addition to other government members.

At around 13:30 hours (local time), a vehicle of the Police passed near the hotel and, using a megaphone, informed without entering into detail that the demonstrators had “attacked” the Government Palace. While shots were being heard on the street, Xanana Gusmão and Mari Alkatiri were immediately removed from the hotel. There are no reports of victims from the incidents and no further details are available.

The Office of the Prime Minister had earlier today distributed a note in which it stated that, from now on the demonstration by the soldiers is illegal “in the light of the Law in force in Timor-Leste”. “The Government, in coordination with other organs of sovereignty, will therefore assert the authority of the democratic rule of law. It [the Government] is left with no other solution to reinstate the legality and the respect for the institutions and the public order”, the note stresses. (LUSA)

National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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