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                   Saturday 02, Monday 04 December 2006

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National Media Reports

PNTL-UNPOL Joint Ceremony

The  joint ceremony of PNTL-UNPOL was reported by the media on Saturday and Monday. On  Saturday,  Timor  Post reported that following his participation in the ceremony,  F-FDTL  Brigadier  General  Taur Matan  Ruak  said the national defence  force  and the police would work together to take the IDPs back to their  home  and  that  both  institutions already have coordination plans. President  Xanana  Gusmao  said PNTL must guarantee institutional unity and avoid  the  formation  of  small groups within the institution such as PNTL Nationalists  and  PNTL  Autonomists  or  PNTL PSHT. Gusmao reiterated that there should only be one PNTL, to serve the population.

Following the signing of the agreement between the UN and the Government of Timor-Leste,  Prime  Minister  Ramos-Horta told the media that he had asked the  United  Nations  to  thoroughly  investigate  members of PNTL who were involved  in  the  crisis.  And  those  not involved  in  crisis should be acknowledged  and  encouraged  to resume their duties, noting that one must not  forget  the  positive work of the national police during the crisis in the districts and those still working in Kosovo.   In a separate article on STL Saturday, Ramos-Horta said that on behalf of the government, he appeals to  the security forces and everybody, especially PNTL to be humble, to put aside  the  wrong  doings and learn and reflect on the mistakes of the past now that the international community and the UN Security Council have given the Timorese people another opportunity to assist them. He said the signing of  the  accord  between the UN and the Government of Timor-Leste took many weeks of negotiations, adding that it is a regulation of the role of the UN police  in  Timor-Leste  and  it  is  important to inform the people of the working  plans  of PNTL-UNPOL. He said a total of 200 PNTL officers are now fully active following the screening test.

On  Monday's edition, Prime Minister reportedly said that as Prime Minister he  doesn't  want  to  re-establish PNTL in a hurry to achieve the targeted number  as  in the past and then have to face various problems.  He said he had  requested  the  UN  to  process  PNTL slowly and effectively so it can become  a strong institution. The Prime Minister further said that now that the  numbers  of  UNPOL  are increasing, soon they would be deployed in the districts and work together with PNTL to further strengthen their work. Also  in  Monday's  edition,  Diario  Nacional reported President Gusmao as saying  that  he  is  happy  that  PNTL  has recognized its mistakes and is willing to work with F-FDTL and face new challenges.

PNTL and F-FDTL held a friendly game of football and volleyball Saturday in Tasi-Tolu  which was welcome by members and relatives of both institutions. The game is part of the many activities involving the two national security institutions  and  as  Deputy  Minister  of Interior, Xamocho has said, the friendly  game  is  an approximation for the institutions to work together. (TP, STL, DN)

F-FDTL To Hold Dialogue With Deserters

Despite the contact between Brigadier Taur and Alfredo Reinado, it does not mean Alfredo will return without facing the justice process, Prime Minister Ramos-Horta  said  noting  that  Alfredo would have to face the accusations against  him  in relation to his actions in Fatuahí. He said Alfredo's case is  the  responsibility  of  the  Ministry of Justice.  Horta said he would rather resolve Alfredo's case through pacifist means even if it takes a few months,  but  would  not  interfere with the Prosecutor's Office and asking UNPOL  for  his arrest. The Prime Minister stressed that rather than taking military measures, F-FDTL has shown maturity in establishing a mechanism to dialogue with Majors Alfredo, Tara, Marcus Tilman for their return.  On the issue  of  weapons  in  Alfredo's hands, Ramos-Horta said he is not worried about  it.  He  said  that the international forces did not capture Alfredo during  a  seminar  in  Suai  to  avoid people from becoming victims of one person's  detention.   Ramos-Horta  also  said he is certain the bazooka in Alfredo's  possession  is  not from Australia and would further investigate where  it  came  from.   President  of  the National Parliament, Francisco Guterres,  Lu-Olo  said  it  is with great urgency to investigate Alfredo's access to the type of weapons in his possession. (TP, STL)

Processing OF Trial Not Manipulation: Claudio

Claudio  Ximenes,  President of the Court of Appeal said the first trial of former  Minister  of  Interior,  Rogerio  Lobato on  allegations  of  guns distribution,  was  adjourned  due  to  the absentee of Railos and Labadai, adding  it  was  not  a  manipulation  by  the judges. Ximenes said the two eyewitnesses had already received a notification about the trial and rather than  appear  at  the  court  they went to the Prosecutor General's Office. Therefore,  he said the fault is of Railos and Labadai. In the meantime, MP Manuel  Tilman  (KOTA)  said  the  mistake  is due to the Public Ministry's failing  to  inform the court about the presence of the two eyewitnesses in the  Prosecutor's Office.  He said there has been poor coordination between the court the Public Ministry. (TP, STL)

Church Disapproves The Use of Condom

The  Bishop of Dili Diocese, Dom Alberto Ricardo said the use of condoms is not one hundred per cent safe, therefore the Catholic Church in Timor-Leste disapproves  of the  campaign about the use of condom to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.  The  Church  is of the opinion that proper education is the best solution. Bishop Ricardo said that the Church has put a few suggestions and proposed  actions  forth for the government and NGOs working in the area of HIV/AIDS to start a national plan on the promotion of integral health based on  the  principles  of  responsibility, solidarity, justice and equality. Acting   SRSG   Finn  Reske-Nielsen  told participants  commemorating  the International  HIV/AIDS World Day on Friday (1/12) that Timor-Leste has the opportunity  to  avoid  the  spread  of  HIV/AIDS  in  the  country with an immediate action plan.  (TP, STL)

Opposition "Walks Out" On Electoral Bill

Opposition parties MPs have walked out during the debate at the National Parliament on electoral bill, protesting that article 27 and 28 which received many opinions from the civil society through public hearings were not included in the debate. The proposed bill 27 was put together by the President of the Republic following various consultations and seminars. According to STL the bill has not been taking into consideration by the majority party in the Parliament. (STL)

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