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Tuesday, 05 December 2006



National Media Reports

TL Facing Humanitarian Crisis: Finn Reske-Nielsen

Acting SRSG Finn Reske-Nielsen told the media during a press conference on Monday that Timor-Leste would face a humanitarian crisis if the IDPs continue to live in the camps, namely the Obrigado and National Hospital camps, as they are subject to flooding following heavy rain. Deputy SRSG Eric Tan Huck said UNMIT's position in relation to Alfredo Reinado remains the same, that Alfredo is an escapee and should turn himself in and face justice. Mr. Tan further said UNPOL did not detain him in Suai following a request from Prime Minister Ramos-Horta who also wants more time to allow F-FDTL to deal with Alfredo. DSRSG Tan, who is responsible for the security sector reform and rule of law, also told the media during the press conference that the UN Police is fully responsible for security and police operations in the country and would assist with the reform, restructuring and rebuilding of PNTL and strengthening the Ministry of Interior. The signing of the agreement between the Government of Timor-Leste and UNMIT on policing arrangements, known as the Police Supplement Arrangement, took place last Friday, coinciding with the inauguration of the UNPOL-PNTL joint headquarters in Dili. DSRSG Tan assured that with the increasing number of UNPOL, it is guaranteed that the security situation is improving day by day.

Acting Police Commissioner Antero Lopez said that based on the security responsibilities, UNPOL will perform its work in a balanced and responsible manner. In relation to Alfredo, Lopes said that it is clear his supporters are decreasing and time is needed to convince him to surrender, but if everything fails, action would be taken against him.

The Head of UNMIT Electoral, Steven Wagenseil said the UN would establish a team to assist the Timorese authorities to oversee the elections next year. Wagenseil said over 400 people will provide assistance in the areas of political, jurisdiction, logistics, administration, electoral commission and there would be UN Volunteers who would work in the general electoral headquarters and in the districts. He further said the UN has provided two experts to the Parliament to work on the electoral legislation and would also provide juridical expertise. He said volunteers would work at the Court of Appeal, an area crucial for complaints during the elections process. The Chief Electoral Officer further said that apart from expatriates, 470 national staff would be recruited to work during the elections, adding that the UN is working with Timor-Leste political authorities to push the process forward.

In a separate article, MP Leandro Isac (Independent) has accused the Australian Military Forces and UNPOL for sabotaging the country's judicial process by failing to obey the agreement with the Prosecutor's Office. He said both UNPol and the Australian Military did provide security to the eyewitnesses to the Court of Appeal for the first trial of the former Minister of Interior, Rogerio Lobato last week. (TP, STL)

Fretilin will face new coup d'etat: Mari Alkatiri

Speaking at a press conference upon his arrival from Portugal yesterday at Fretilin's Central Committee (CCF) office-Comoro, the Secretary General of Fretilin, Mari Alkatiri said that if the party is not well prepared with its structure from top to bottom towards the general elections, Fretilin will face a coup d'état. In order to avoid this, the party must establish a good relationship with the people, he said. Alkatiri also said that he will continue to contribute to Fretilin. "I am back to serve for another 20 more years, but it does not mean I should be the Prime Minister as everything will be decided by the CCF members. Fretilin is still tolerant, however; the 2007 General Election will be the party's determination. As we all know, some people are still provoking and trying to destroy our country. We have been accusing each other of the ongoing conflict, and some said that it is the government who committed the fault, some said Mari Alkatiri caused the problem…. etc…. But again, it is still the people who are suuffering. We, East Timorese leaders sometimes tend to see backwards but we do not want to look ahead, while the world is moving ahead," said Alkatiri. Among the participants at the press conference, were the president of Fretilin party, Fracisco Guterres Lu'Olo, Vice Secretary General, Jose Maria Reis, Jose Manuel Fernandes, member of CCF, and more than 200 members and sympathizers. Mari Alkatiri also said that the two friendly countries, Portugal and Mozambique, do not want to interfere with the internal problems of the country but are concerned with the situation of the country and how the problems can be resolved.

In a separate article, STL quoted Alkatiri as saying he returned from Portugal to continue to defend the truth, adding that in 1975 he did not run away from the country therefore he would not do so in 2006. Alkatiri stressed that he went to Portugal to seek treatment for his health and already there were rumors of him not returning. According to STL, he was welcomed at the international airport by supporters and members of the party shouting "viva Mari Alkatiri, viva Mari Alkatiri, Mari Alkatiri did not run away, he is defending the truth". (DN, STL)

President Gusmao's Appeal

President Xanana Gusmao has appealed to the population to distant themselves from martial arts groups currently creating violence and killings among the communities. The President said the continued violence is denigrating to the Timorese dignity. Gusmao said the martial art groups have recently pledged to stop the violence but in reality it has not yet evolved. In his message, President Gusmao also said that F-FDTL and PNTL will hold joint patrols in the neighbourhoods without guns as they have all been disarmed. Gusmao further said the two institutions would also be involved in supporting the government in various areas and help those IDPs wishing to return to their homes. Eight months after the crisis, and the increase number of international forces, Xanana said, would not be able to fix the problems unless the Timorese do so. The message was addressed from the Palácio das Cinzas on Monday. Sunday's conflict in Taibesi left a member of PSHT death and two injured. (DN, TP)

TVTL News Reporting ­04 December 2006

* President Xanana visitted Ainaro District last Saturday to participate in traditional celebrations organized by the local community to put away sacred and sharp objects.

* On Monday Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak gave his statement to the Provedor of Human Rights and Justice Office on the incidents of 28-29 April 2006.

* Major Tara is ready to return to F-FDTL Headquarters at any time.

* UNPOL will be ready with 1608 members to help in the up-coming National Elections.

* Fretilin's Secretary-General, Mari Alkatiri returned to Dili yesterday after spending one month in Portugal and Mozambique. He appealed to all political parties of Timor-Leste for National Unity.

* Dialogue is the best the way to resolve the national crisis of the country, said Mr. Horta during Saturday's meeting with IDPs at the Memorial Hall in Farol Dili.

* IDPs disapprove of the sites prepared by the Government in Hera and Tibar claiming it would not solve the problem but widen the problem of Loromonu and Lorosae.

* There is a need to create a law to regulate all martial arts groups, said President of the National Parliament, in the Parliament yesterday.

International Media Reports


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