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Wednesday, 06 December 2006



National Media Reports

We are Sad That Groups Are Killing Each Other: Xanana

Speaking during a ceremony held at Jardim Farol in Dili to put away the sacred arms ­ which were withdrawn from Sacred Houses in the past during times of invasion from outside - President Gusmao said the recent violence by martial art groups is making everybody sad. The President appealed to the young people and youth quoting PM Ramos-Horta's words that "the future of Timor-Leste is in your hands and not ours, we are already old, and as leaders we have recognized our failures, big or small in a state that has just been established. Through these mistakes we are putting the efforts to better contribute to the country". Gusmao also appealed for unity and for everybody to consciously stand up and claim that there is only one Timorese, one nation that is Timor and no such thing as lorosae and loromonu. (STL, DN)

7th December A Lesson For Timorese Not To Be Radicals: Ramos-Horta

Prime Minister Ramos-Horta has reportedly said that 7th December is a lesson for the Timorese to stop division, to stop being too radical and to stop possessing guns. Ramos-Horta said the invasion of Timor-Leste on 7th December 1975 was the result of the conflict between Fretilin and UDT parties, followed by a civil war, the desertion of the Portuguese government and the turning of people's backs, which led to TNI entering the country. Therefore, he said it is a lesson for the nation not to be divided and to honour those courageous people who participated in the resistance period of 1975 up to 1999. He said that many are now dead but some like Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak, Lere, Falur, L7 and many others are still alive. Ramos-Horta also told the media following the ceremony at the Jardim Farol, that the violence being committed by some martial arts groups is equivalent to the militias and they should no longer be classified as martial arts groups but gangs or militias. He said he's waiting for the promise that some leaders of the groups have made to him to detain and turn in members who are involved in violence to the police. (TP, STL)

If State Needs Me I'll Provide Full Support: Alkatiri

Former Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri has reiterated that if the Government, the Parliament, the President, and Justice require his assistance he will fully cooperate to try and resolve the problem of the country. Alkatiri said he does not want to take political advantage and point a finger at others who do not have the capacity to resolve the problem, noting that in principle Fretilin also disapproves because Fretilin holds the power. (DN)

UN Concerns The Same As National Parliament

Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, President of the National Parliament, said the concerns of the UN about the electoral laws are the same as the Parliament. He said, unfortunately, the bill has not been approved due to some differences of opinion but he has been closely following the process with great concern and hopes that the document will be approved in order to allow STAE and CNE to start preparations for the 2007 elections. He said the debate is now on article five of the bill on CNE and once it is agreed upon they will move on to discuss the general election document, which he hopes will be approved by December 22 and continue on to the electoral law bill for the Presidential election. (STL)

If no solution to the problem of martial art groups, there will be threat for the 2007 General Election

In relation to the resurgence of the gang violence that involved some members of martial arts groups, Director of East Timor Institute for Security Studies (ETISS), Julio Tomas Pinto reportedly said that the leaders of this country have to sort out the problems committed by the martial art groups. He then added that Timor-Leste has been having different problems from time to time. He also emphasized the importance of a basic law that can be used to regulate the groups. However, on the same matter, the state secretary for youth and sport, Jose Manuel Fernandes was quoted as saying that the Ministry of Education was at the stage of discussing the basic law for sport. (TP)

In addition, in Diario National, PM Ramos-Horta said that URP and UIR will be in charge to control the martial art groups He said, "URP and UIR will control members of martial arts groups that are in possession of illegal weapons and causing problems in Dili." He added that they already held meetings with UNPOL and the Minister of Interior to quickly reactivate the members of URP and UIR so that these two units can help UNPOL to solve the problem caused by martial art groups. (STL, DN)

Mutual Meeting towards a National Dialogue: Youths from Lorosa'e-Loromonu meets President Gusmao

Speaking to the journalists, Joao da Silva (Choque) said that under the leadership of President Gusmao there will be an organizing committee aimed at hosting national dialogues with the involvement of as many youths from Lorosa'e and Loromonu as possible to guarantee the IDPs to return home and put an end the violence. (STL)

National Parliament Questions T-L Sovereignty In Relation Alfredo's Weapons

MP Francisco Miranda Branco (Fretilin) questions the sovereignty rule of law of Timor-Leste as he is concerned with the recent security situation where Major Alfredo and his groups were seen to be in possession of weapons. He is of the opinion that it creates a precedent that 'whoever becomes stronger will be the ones who hold the justice' [they implement the justice according to what they want]. Branco asked the chairman of the National Parliament to call the Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense to explain the clear statue and weapons in the hand of Alfredo and his group. In addition, Vicente Guterres, UDC/PDC Bench urged the plenary session to clearly define the status of Major Alfredo and the group, whether or not Alfredo is still active military. On the same matter, Rui Menezes, (PD) also questioned the process of purchasing the weapons through a private company. According to Menezes, the weapons were possibly from a private company that supply weapons to Timor-Leste, and not from the outside. However, the president of National Parliament, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo said that the NP do not want to intervene in the country's judiciary system which had already classified Major Alfredo as a criminal for his involvement in Fatu-ahi incident, on May 23, 2006.(TP)

Alfredo Will Surrender Himself When Court Proceeds Criminal Actors: Buras

MP Jose Nomianando (PD), aka 'Buras' said that Major Alfredo and his group will surrender themselves when the court starts processing the perpetrators. He said Alfredo deserted F-FDTL Headquarters because he wanted justice, but if justice is in place, he and his group would surrender.

Buras called for the East Timorese leaders and everybody to stop worrying about Alfredo and concentrate on implementing justice, as so far there has been no complaint from the people in regards to Alfredo and his group as they are not troubling the people. He said Alfredo's involvement on May 3rd was the result of F-FDTL involvement on April 28, 2006. The MP said he disagrees with the statement of UNMIT [DSRSG] calling Major Alfredo 'Buronan' [wanted man], adding that Alfredo is a Timorese and his case is an internal problem that should be solved among East Timorese people and not by UNMIT. Buras appealed to the leaders and the sovereign bodies to solve Alfredo's case pacifically and without bloodshed. (STL)

International Forces Failed To Take 'Railos and Labadain To The trial Of Regerio's: Monteiro

Prosecutor General, Dr. Longuinhos Monteiro said that, 'I did not intend to hide both Railos and Labadain at my office, but it was the fault of the International Force who promised me to escort both witnesses to the court of appeal, but at the end they did not turn up. So, this was their [International forces] mistake, not mine, stressed Mr. Longuinhos.(DN)

TVTL and Radio News Report-06 December 2006

A delegation from Portugal National Parliament meets the President of Republic

Yesterday a delegation from Portugal's National Parliament met the President of Republic at the Palace the Ashes. The head of the delegation, Mr. Jose Luis Arnanldo told the journalists that the people of Timor-Leste have to acknowledge the process of democratization and defend the rule of Law. Portugal wants the Timorese to live in tranquility and peace and to have a good life, added Mr. Jose Luis.

A Solidarity visit to the National Parliament

The President of the Parliament said they were happy to welcome the Delegation of Portugal's National Parliament of Portugal because Portugal has been a good friend of Timor-Leste and had supported the Timorese during the struggle for Independence. The head of the delegation also said that it is important for Timor to first have the electoral law in place before the election. Elections will be the proper way of democracy for the people to elect their leaders freely. On the same occasion, Mr. Jose Luis said Elections will also be the way to solve the problem of the country.

The Government commemorated the Anniversary of UNV

The Government and the UN commemorated the Anniversary of UNV in Timor-Leste. One of the activities of the commemoration is the blood donation. The head of Red Cross said that many members of the UN have donated blood to help those people in need.

Timor telecom

Yesterday Timor Telecom launched the first telephone directory for the people. The book has completed contacting a number of Government offices, private offices, hotels and other important places in the country. This will enable people to access easily the Institutions and other emergency offices.

International Media Reports

Immigration errors highlighted December 06, 2006 A MENTALLY ill Australian resident, originally from East Timor, was detained by the Immigration Department for six weeks despite having held a valid visa for eight years. The case is among 20 outlined today in three ombudsman's reports which recommend further changes to the Immigration Department's (DIMA) processes and highlight serious errors in the department's dealings with the mentally ill and children in detention. Mr G, an Australian resident who suffered from chronic schizophrenia, arrived in Australia in 1975. He had been living on the streets of Fremantle when he was taken into detention in August 2002. He was held for 43 days before being released, even though he had held an absorbed person visa since 1994. (The Australian)

Gang violence ongoing in East Timor


Source: Agencies

Three people have been killed and six injured in fighting in Dili, the East Timor capital. Two men were shot dead at the Taibesi market and a third man was killed by rival gang members using machetes and knives in the Fatuhada neighbourhood on Tuesday, according to Americo Dos Santos, head of the emergency unit at the National Hospital. Dos Santos said that six other men were injured and one was in a comma. Fighting broke out between rival gangs on Sunday night and Tuesday's killings bring the death toll to four.

Earlier violence

On Monday, one man was hacked to death and 17 injured, as rival gangs with machetes and knives fought in Dili. Eugino Goncalves, 27, died after having his ears slashed off and tongue cut out, his sister Maria said. Two of the injured were in a critical condition. Foreign peacekeepers were deployed to restore order.

Gang warfare

The crisis, which has left 37 people dead and driven 55,000 from their homes, began when Mari Alkatiri, the prime minister, fired a third of the armed forces. The move led to gun battles between police and army factions that spilled into gang warfare, looting and arson, and toppled the government in June. Calm largely returned with the arrival of more than 2,500 foreign peacekeepers and the installation of a new government, but there have been isolated cases of street violence in recent months. The peacekeeping force is supposed to be scaled down in the coming weeks. (


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