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Wednesday, 13 December 2006


National Media Reports

Public Prosecutor considers MP Leandro Isac a suspect

In relation to the alleged case of assault on the residence of the commander of F-FDTL Taur Matan Ruak on 24 of May, the public prosecutor this week sent a notification letter to the National Parliament (NP) asking for authorization for MP Leandro Isac to make his statement. Leandro Isac stated that he is ready to present his statement to the public prosecutor but the process in the NP is not transparent and allows for discrimination. He said that he was not satisfied that the NP should grant authority for his statement and not do the same for Mari Alkatiri. In the meantime, Dr. Claudio Ximenes, President of the Court of Appeal stated that Mari Alkatiri’s case in relation to the illegal distribution of guns distribution is still in process. (JN-Diario, STL, TP)

PM Horta: On 15th December government will stop support for IDPs

PM Ramos Horta stated that the government has given an ultimatum to all IDPS to leave the camps soon since aid delivery from the government would stop on 15 December. It is also reported that the PM stated that if these IDPs do not leave the camps by the deadline, the government may not support them in areas of provision of building materials and/or cash advances. (STL, JN-Diario)

ORJUMARTIL surrenders bullets to PM Horta

Organization of Maubere Youth of Timor-Leste (ORJUMARTIL) yesterday surrendered over 50 bullets to PM Ramos Horta. President of ORJUMARTIL Antonio Railakan stated that the bullets were in their possession since Indonesian time. Jose Manuel Fernadez, the State Secretary for Sport and Youth, was also present to witness this event. (STL, JN-Diario)

PM Horta: Brig Gen Taur Matan Ruak contacts Maj. Alfredo

PM and Minister of Defense Ramos Horta stated that Brig Gen Taur Matan Ruak, on his own initiative, contacted Maj. Alfredo Reinado in order to create dialogue so that he could solve the current problem. Horta stated that recently Brig Gen Matan Ruak ordered two members of F-FDTL to meet Maj. Alfredo Reinado to convey the message that the Brigadier wishes to converse with him and his group. (JN-Diario)

Lu-Olo: Hasegawa and Abilio Araujo become witnesses for Lobato case

President of the National Parliament Francisco Guterres ‘Lu-Olo’ was yesterday informed of the notification letter from the Public Prosecutor regarding the witnesses for the alleged case of illegal distribution of weapons against Rogerio Lobato. The letter states that 4 MPs (Francisco Branco-Fretelin, Jacinto Maia-Fretelin, Jaco Fernades, vice president of NP and Elizario Ferreira-Fretelin) ex-SRSG Dr Sukehiro Hasegawa and Dr. Abilio Abrantes Araujo would be called as witnesses for the case. In the meantime, Vice President of PNT party, Aliança de Araujo stated that their party would not authorize their president Abilio Araujo to be a witness because they see no justification. (JN-Diario, STL)

Radio and TV news

The Government has an obligation to relocate the IDPs.

Prime Minister, Dr. Ramos-Horta said that the Government is asking the IDPs to move out from the present camps, such as the ones at the seaport, airport and others. Dr. Horta stressed that the Government has an obligation to move them because of the condition of the camps. If the men do not want to move out then the Government has a responsibility to evacuate all the children, women and the elders to sites prepared by the Government because they have the right, according to the International law, to live a decent life. They should move to the relocation sites and they will have better security, he said. For those who do not move out from the present camps, they should note that from 15 December aid will stop, added Mr. Horta.

Eventual commission submits report to the National Parliament

The Speaker of the Parliament said that the National Parliament has received its Commission's report on the analysis and study of the CoI report. The National Parliament will hold an extraordinary plenary session on Thursday to discuss the Commission's report and recommendations for onward submission to the competent authority for further action.

Members of UIR wait for the Screening

95 members of UIR gathered at their headquarters in Fatuhada to wait for the screening process before joining UNPOL operations. Mr. Antonio, the Operational Commander, said that he is confident UIR will help UNPOL to restore calm and security in the country. For those UIR members who were involved in the criminal activities, they will be processed according to the law. Everyone is responsible for his or her action in the eyes of the law, added Mr. Antonio.

Temporary shelters for IDPs will soon be ready

Mr. Oscar Lima said the rehabilitation of temporary shelters for IDPs in Tibar will be finished and soon be handed over to the Minister of Public Works. He estimated within two weeks the shelters will be ready and IDPs can move in. The problem that they face during the construction was that no construction material was available locally and therefore they had to import the materials, Mr. Lima said.

International Media Reports

Timor leader says Aussie troops needed until after poll Dylan Welch December 13, 2006 - 1:46PM Australian forces must remain in troubled East Timor at least until after next year's national elections, the country's President Xanana Gusmao said today. In an interview with, Mr Gusmao said Australian troops would be needed to head off potential strife before and after the poll, which many fear could be divisive. "They're needed as far as necessary only. The Australian Government also are committed to help us," he said during a brief visit to Sydney. "And when we feel that the mission is accomplished, they will come back (to Australia)." When asked when that might be, he gave no timetable but replied: "perhaps after the elections". Australian troops helped restore order in East Timor after its bloody breakaway from Indonesian rule in 1999. The force was reduced after UN peacekeepers arrived and prepared the way for full independence in 2002. However, a new wave of Australian soldiers was deployed this year to calm gang and ethnic violence that erupted in the middle of a bitter political crisis that shook the fragile democracy. The emergency forced the resignation of Mari Alkatiri as prime minister who has denied allegations that he incited trouble and secretly armed a hit squad to eliminate his opponents. Since then there have been occasional flareups. The Department of Defence website says approximately 925 Australian defence personnel were now serving in East Timor. Mr Gusmao, a former guerilla leader who was jailed by Indonesian forces, was elected as East Timor's first president in 2002. He is married to an Australian Kirsty Sword Gusmao. Today, Mr Gusmao said he would not seek re-election, but instead planned to become a farmer. "I am trying to get the land. I will import pumpkins into Australia," he said. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference to begin today By ANI Wednesday December 13, 10:50 AM New Delhi, Dec. 13 (ANI): Minister of State for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Kumari Selja will inaugurate the first Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Human Settlements today. Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy will deliver the inaugural address. The four-day conference will discuss issues relating to pro poor urban governance and planning, water and sanitation, slum up-gradation, urbanisation and financial matters. The theme of the conference is "a vision for sustainable urbanisation in the Asia-Pacific by 2020". The meet is expected to generate creative dialogue on measures to implement effective and sustainable urbanisation policies in the light of rapid economic growth. The conference will be attended by about 500 delegates from India and abroad, including housing ministers, high commissioners and ambassadors, mayors, representatives of local authorities, and non-governmental organisations. The participating countries include Mangolia, Malaysia, Bhutan, Maldives, Brunei, Armenia, Fiji, Nepal, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Oman, Qatar, Cyprus, Bahrain, Timor-Leste, Iran, Tuvalu, Jordan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Samoa, Pakistan, Japan, Turkey, Indonesia, Yemen, India and others. The countries will debate to develop strategies and policies for habitat development and to share and exchange knowledge on land and housing besides poverty alleviation issues. The conference is being organised by the Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Ministry jointly with the UN Habitat. UN Under Secretary General Anna Tibaijuka will attend the conference representing UN Habitat. On Friday, President Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam will address the delegates. The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia will deliver valedictory address. "Delhi Declaration" will be adopted on the closing day. (ANI) (yahoo news - India)

Japan to send 2 police officers to U.N. peace operation in E Timor

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 07:19 EST - Kyodo News

TOKYO ­ Japan plans to send two civilian police officers to East Timor in January at the earliest to participate in an ongoing U.N peacekeeping operation there, Japanese government sources said Tuesday. The Japanese officers are expected to lead the civilian police section under the operation and help the local police administration, the sources said. (Japan Today)


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