Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 15 December 2006
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Thursday, 14December 2006


National Media Reports
Mario Carrascalao: if I were Mari Alkatiri, I would be shy to go to NP
President of PSD, Mario Viegas Carrascao said t if he were Mari Alkatiri, he would not go to the National Parliament as a member, because Alkatiri has stepped down from the position of Prime Minister due to the allegations of weapons distribution. In the meantime, Prosecutor General Longinhos Monteiro stated that he was surprised when President of the NP announced Mari Alkatiri as a member of the NP. Regarding the Leandro Isac case, Longinhos, stated that the notification letter from the public prosecutor had still not been sent to Leandro, but that it would send to him after the NP authorized Leandro to attend a hearing at the office of the public prosecutor. (TP, JN-Diario)
Paulo: the accusation of Portuguese Prosecutor to Abilio was illegal
Both Dr. Paulo Dos Remedios and Dr. Nelson de Carvalho, defence council of Abilio Musquita Mausoco, rejected the accusation that their client was in possession of illegal weapons, as stated by the Portuguese Prosecutor. The defenders stated that the weapons held by Abilio were PNTL weapons and not illegal weapons.
MP Manuel Tilman: IDPs move to emergency place, need to see the condition
Manuel Tilman MP from KOTA stated that the government must survey the new sites that have been identified for the IDPs to relocate to before they push them to relocate from the four identified camps, namely the airport and seaport camps, obrigado barracks and the national hospital camps.  (STL)
PM Horta: the State budget significant for education and health
PM Ramos Horta in response to the UNICEF report, stated that the government plans to budget for two important areas: education and health. Horta stated that government continues to make an effort to push all children to have access to schools, so that in the year 2015 poverty and illiteracy can be minimized.  (STL, JN-Diario).
Radio and TV news
The Commission of Inquiry on Truth and Reconciliation laments to the National Parliament.
The Commission of Inquiry on Truth and Reconciliation held a one day workshop to discuss the development of the follow-up recommendations of the report. The commissioners lamented that the report has been silenced by the National Parliament. They demanded recognition and compensation for the victims of war crimes from 1975 to 1999. The Government and the United Nations/International Community had invested a lot of time and money for this project and in the end there has been no impact on the lives of the victims, in particular, and the whole country in general, one of the Commissioners, Mr. Jose Stevon in Balide Raihun said after the conference. In response, the Speaker of the National Parliament said the Parliament is indeed considering the importance of the work of CAVR and its recommendations but the Parliament gives priority to other essential and urgent demands of the country. The National Parliament has no intention to impede implementation of the recommendations, added Mr. Lu'Olo.

Commission A of the National Parliament has agreed to send Mr. Leandro Isac to the Prosecutor-General's Office

Yesterday, Commission A of the National Parliament met and decided to allow MP Leandro Isac to make his statement at the Office of the Prosecutor-General regarding the attack on Brigadier Taur’s home and possession of illegal weapons. Mr. Leandro Isac is the first member of the National Parliament who is accused and has the formal permission to go to Prosecutor-General's Office.

Dili District Court faces a lot of challenges

The unpredictable security and political situation of Dili poses many challenges to Dili District Court. There are a lot of pending cases due to unavoidable circumstances faced by the Court. Most of the time witnesses and even the accused do not come to the hearing process. Witnesses fear for their safety because the situation does not allow them to travel from their locations to the court.

Dialogue between Youth Group from Alihun and Becusi

Yesterday there was a dialogue between two youth groups in Becusi. The dialogue went well and many youth from that area, members of UNPOL, sisters and other civil society representatives participated. The objective of the dialogue was two fold: 1) to create opportunity for reconciliation among the youth because they are perceived by society as the actors of the division and violence in Dili; and 2) to end the violence and restore peace and stability in the country.
International Media Reports


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