Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 19 December 2006

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Tuesday, 19 December 2006


National Media Reports

Dialogue between F-FDTL and Major Alfredo

Commenting on the F-FDTL delegation sent by Brigadier Taur Matan Ruak to meet with Major Alfredo Reinado, the Timorese Political and Military Observer, Julio Tomas Pinto, stated that it was a positive step towards peace. In a separate article, AWOL F-FDTL Major Alfredo Reinado stated that his group has complete evidence to prove that there are illegal guerilla groups in the jungle. These illegal groups, Reinado added, have been created by the former Government under Mari Alkatiri's leadership who provided strong political and financial support. He said some of the weapons belonging to these groups are now at his hands. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta stated that his government has no evidence to suggest that Major Reinado receives weapons through the border. The District Administrator of Covalima, Inacio Pires, denied that his administration has been in contact with Major Reinado and his group. (STL, DN, TP)

Autopsy needed to establish the truth: SRSG Khare

The Head of UNMIT, SRSG Atul Khare, has called on the family of the late Sebastiao Tomas de Jesus to allow an autopsy on his body in order to reveal the truth around his death, as the bullet will determine the type of weapons used to shoot him. The 20 year old de Jesus was shot dead in a clash between the martial arts groups PSHT, the group to which he belongs, and 'Seti-Seti' in Kampung Alor area on Sunday. A family member of Sebastiao has accused the UN Police from Australia as the perpetrator, but the SRSG appealed not to blame anyone before an autopsy is performed. In relation to the death, the Head of PSHT Group, Jaime Xavier do Amaral, has sent a letter to ask the National Parliament urging the government to look into the case. However, do Amaral dismissed the claim that his member was shot by the Australian Police saying he was shot by the Australian military. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has called on the Martial Arts Groups to stop violence saying, "If they don't want to die, stop killing each other." (STL, DN, TP)

News from TVTL and Radio

President Xanana Gusmao returns to Timor

President Xanana Gusmao returned to Dili yesterday after a one-week visit to Indonesia and Australia. While in Indonesia, President Gusmao met with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to explain the security and political crisis in Timor-Leste. The two leaders have agreed to continue strengthening the relationship between the two countries. President Gusmao also explained the political situation of Timor-Leste to the National Parliament and all political parties in Indonesia.

President Gusmao also went to Australia to clarify the present security and political crisis of the country to the Government and people of Australia. While in Australia, President Gusmao asked the Australian Government to grant scholarships to Timorese students and to help in the development of Timor-Leste. The visit went very well and the President was happy with the outcome.

Foreign Minister Guterres visits Indonesia and the Philippines

The Foreign Minister of Timor-Leste Mr. Jose Luis Guterres has returned to Dili after visiting Indonesia and the Philippines. In Indonesia Mr. Guterres asked his counter part, the Foreign Minister of Indonesia, to support Timor-Leste at the UN Security Council. The Indonesian Foreign Minister was happy to accept the request of Mr. Guterres. While in the Philippines, the Foreign Minister met the President of Republic of the Philippines to present the credential letter of President Xanana. The Government of the Philippines has agreed to continue supporting the development of Timor-Leste in general and in particular in the area of fishery. In the Philippines, Mr. Guterres also met Timorese students who are studying in the Philippines.

Allow for autopsy to reveal the truth

At a press conference yesterday, UNMIT SRSG Atul Khare appealed to the family of the victim who was killed in Kampon Alor to allow for an autopsy on the body. SRSG Khare stressed that the result of the autopsy would reveal the truth or would establish the truth for further investigation. In relation to the Kampon Alor incident, UNPOL had arrested four suspects and still continues to find others who have been involved in the incident. Also during the press conference, SRSG said that UNMIT will pay attention to the security situation and will help the government to organize the elections for the Timorese to choose their leaders in a free and fair manner.

Proposed law No. 26/2006 on Parliamentary election is approved

The National Parliament yesterday approved proposed law No. 26/2006 on Parliamentary elections. The opposition parties have agreed with Fretilin party on the following points: a) in every group of four persons there must be one woman candidate; b) 5% votes has been reduced to 3% to have a seat in the Parliament; c) Members of F-FDTL can cast their votes but they will not go to the voting station wearing uniform; d) counting of the votes will be done in the local station, in case of rain, the votes can be transported to the districts and counted there.

200 IDPs have relocated to the temporary shelter in the former Chinese Consulate

Over 200 IDPs who have relocated to the temporary shelter in the former Chinese Consulate have complained that they do not have water supply and electricity. They also said that the government sent them to this area but there are no proper conditions for them to stay. However, they added that the arrangement of security in their new location is better than in the previous IDP camps.

International Media Reports

2 dead in gang riot in Timor-Leste December 18, 2006 - Source: Xinhua

Two people have been killed and three wounded since Sunday in clashes between two marshal art groups in Timor-Leste, a report said on Monday. The head of the U.N. representatives in the newly established country Atul Khahre told a press conference in Dili, the capital of the country, that one of the group members was killed on a riot on Monday and another on Sunday. The two groups so called "the Setia Hati", whose majority of its members is the Timorese policemen and "the Seventy Seven", have long engaged in violence, by exchanging fire and bringing traditional weapons, the report said. Two of the death were the member of the Setia Hati group and all the wounded are from the Seventy Seven group, the report said. The Setia Hati accused the death of its member on Sunday was because of a shooting by an Australian police. The head of the U.N. representative reflected the accusation and asked to dig up the grave for an autopsy to find out whose belong the bullet, the U.N. police or from the illegal weapons spread in the city. The report said that the situation in Dili, the capital of the tiny country, had been restored from the sporadic youth gang street fighting in the last several months that had claimed six of lives, but recently the violence again erupted among the groups of marshal arts. "Yesterday, they engaged in a fighting from morning to afternoon, one killed and today another also killed from the Setia Hati group," said a Timorese eye witness. The riot had temporarily paralyzed the city, but then the situation could be controlled by the security authorities. Street gang-fighting frequently erupted in Dili despite the presence of over 2,000 Australian-led multinational peacekeepers sent to restore peace in the newly independent country. The peacekeepers arrived in Dili after the riot on April that killed over 23 people and made thousands of people leave their home. Calm had been restored temporarily after the presence of the troops. Timor-Leste that has been recovered from political crisis in April and May is to hold a general election next year. (People's Daily Online - Beijing, China)


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