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Wednesday, 20 December 2006


National Media Reports

IDPs act upon the Government’s ultimatum

Meeting the deadline set by the government for the IDPs to relocate by 15 December, some 70 IDP families have relocated to the former Chinese Consulate, one of the temporary shelters provided by the government. These families were mainly relocated from the Airport and Obrigado Barracks IDP camps as well as some who had just returned from the districts. IDP Coordinator at the temporary shelter, Domingos da Silva, told journalists that their main concerns were electricity and sanitation, while stating that food and security are being provided by the government. On the option of returning to their districts of origin, meanwhile, 10 families from airport and seaport IDP camps have registered on 19 December to relocate to Baucau, Lautem and Viqueque. For these 10 families, the government will provide construction materials and assist in transporting them to the districts. (STL, DN, TP)

Horta continues to defend Alkatiri

Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta continues to defend his predecessor, the former PM Mari Alkatiri as being innocent regarding the allegation of illegal weapons distribution. Speaking at a joint press conference with the visiting Australian Minister of Justice and Customs on Monday, Horta said “I’ve never and I’ll never believe that Dr. Alkatiri ordered the distribution of weapons,” during the crisis as some suggested.” The Prime Minister added that the former PM stepped down because of the political responsibility he had and not because of any other responsibilities. Making the comment, however, PM Horta stressed that he was not trying to intervene in the judicial process being undertaken in this country. (TP)

Politically, the opposition does not recognize the electoral and CNE laws: Menezes

The spokesperson of the Democratic Party (PD), Rui Menezes stated at the national parliament yesterday that politically the opposition parties do not recognize the laws on the national elections and the National Electoral Commission (CNE) on the grounds that no consensus was ever reached. “PD, PSD, ASDT, PNT, UDT, and PPT as opposition parties have taken our position that we would not participate in the electoral law and the law on the National Electoral Commission, and we have made it clear that politically we will not recognize the laws on CNE and electoral totally.” The fundamental question upon which no consensus was reached, Menezes continued, was the question of electoral organs CNE and STAE. (TP)

SRSG Atul Khare calls on President Gusmao

The newly arrived Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Timor-Leste, Atul Khare, paid a visit to the President of the Republic Xanana Gusmao at the latter’s office. The purpose of the visit was to introduce himself to the President as the newly appointed Head of the UN Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT). Speaking to journalists following the meeting, SRSG Khare, said he had also discussed a number of issues which are regarded as priorities for the country such as security and next year’s general elections. SRSG Khare said that the 2007 general elections are crucial for the future of this country and that the people need security to hold democratic elections in a secure environment, while expressing his confidence that elections will be held in accordance with the calendar set. (STL, DN)

TV and Radio News

Prime Minister Horta meets Australian Minister of Justice

On Monday, Prime Minister Mr. Ramos-Horta welcomed Australia’s Minister of Justice and Customs Mr. Chris Ellison on his recent visit to Timor-Leste. Their discussion focused on security related issues. Mr. Ellison expressed the commitment of his government to support the effort of the government of Timor-Leste to address security issues in the country. He also said that the commitment of the Australian Government to help Timor-Leste restore peace and stability is reflected in the presence of the Australian force and 50 Australian Federal policemen who joined UNPol in Dili. Mr. Ellison has assured the Timor-Leste Government that his government is committed to providing capacity building to PNTL. Prime Minister Horta expressed his appreciation for the commitment and assistance of the Australian Government and asked Mr. Ellison to support his position to reactivate UIR to help UNPol restore peace and stability in the country because he wants to see UIR return to the field in helping UNPol to control the situation. As far as Alfredo is concerned, PM Horta said that dialogue is the best way to solve the problem.

Ignoring the importance of law causes death

Prime Minister Horta said that he is not aware of the reasons behind the incident in Kampung Alor, and he added that one of the members of the martial arts group died because they did not give importance to the Law. For those who continue to create problems for the country UNPol will confront them because they show themselves as militia. PM Horta has appealed to all the martial arts groups to stop fighting and stressed that leaders have to ask their members to stop violence. The Government is willing to engage in dialogue with all the martial arts groups and to listen to their concerns and preoccupations, and the members of martial arts groups will have to explain to the people why they continue to kill each other, added PM Horta.


IDPs want to move from the present Camps but the Government has to prepare conditions for them to stay such as provision of water and sanitation and electricity. The Minister of Labor and Community Reinsertion said that the government will provide assistance to those who will relocate to the new centers and to the districts. The assistance will be in the form of materials to re-build their houses and other basic needs. Mr. Bano also said that around 80 families have moved to Baucau and Lospalos districts. For such families, the Government will provide food and other basic necessities until they become economically independent.

National Parliament postpones discussion on the report of Eventual Commission

President of the National Parliament Mr. Lu'Olo yesterday said that the National Parliament has postponed the discussion on the report of the eventual commission which was submitted last week. The postponement comes because the parliament has yet to conclude discussion regarding the presidential electoral law. Mr. Lu'Olo added that once this law is approved by the National Parliament then only will the report of the eventual commission will brought to the table for the discussion to examine its relevance.

People lament for road and water problems

The people in Sub-District Baguia, District Baucau have complained that they do not have good roads and clean water. Even though the rains have come, the people continue to face problems of clean water. They have asked the Government to pay attention to their concerns. The people have no access to transportation because the roads are in bad conditions.

International News


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