Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 28 December 2006

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Thursday, 28 December 2006


National Media Reports

PM Horta: Alfredo wants to contribute to stability

Prime Minister Jose Ramos-Horta stated that during the a recent meeting in Dili between Defence Force Chief, Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak and AWOL F-FDTL, Major Alfredo Reinado, it was agreed that Major Reinado would relocate from his current position in Covalima district to a new location in either Manufahi or Ainaro district to facilitate the ongoing process of dialogue. Quoting Major Reinado, PM Horta said that he was prepared to face justice for his responsibility regarding the Fatuahi incident, but on the accusations of possessing ammunition, for which he was arrested and detained, Reinado refuses to acknowledge the accusations. He claims when he came to Dili he was escorted by the Australian forces and they knew he was in possession of such ammunition, so if there was any violation he should had been stopped. PM Horta further stated that the solution to Major Reinadoís case, as well as those of Majors Agusto Tara and Marcos Tilman, could be reached through dialogue. Meanwhile, MP Alexandre Cortereal from UDT stated that the negotiations between the government and Major Reinado is normal to find a solution to the crisis as neither party would win one hundred percent. (DN, STL &TP)

UIR to be reactivated in January 2007

Speaking to the press following his visit to PNTLís Rapid Intervention Unit (UIR) Headquarters yesterday, Prime Minister Jose Ramos-Horta stated that starting January the UIR will be reactivated and would officially cooperate with the UN Police to help address the violence. Before returning to duty on the streets again, however, UIR will first undergo training with the Portuguese National Republican Guard (GNR). Reacting to the concerns about the equipment of the unit seized by the Australian Police which has not been returned, PM Horta said that this issue would be negotiated with the UN. Speaking with members of UIR, PM Horta called on them to cooperate with UNPol to maintain law and order and not to play with the criminals who only want to create problems. (DN, STL &TP)

200 Petitioners receive subsidies from the government

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday (27/12), the Minister for Labour and Community Reinsertion, Arsenio Bano, revealed that the government through his ministry has commenced the payment of subsidies to members of the F-FDTL Petitioners group. The payment was the realization of the governmentís policy, carried on from the previous government, to pay subsidies to such members for a period of four months. Minister Bano further explained that nearly 200 petitioners have received the subsidy that is paid in accordance with the salary scale and payment will only be done in Dili and not in the districts. The subsidy is being funded from the Ministryís Solidarity fund. (STL)

MP Araujo: TL still needs Xanana

In reaction to the news yesterday that President Gusmao called on everyone to be prepared to welcome a new President, the Parliamentarian from the Timorese Nationalist Party (PNT), Alianca de Araujo, stated that Timor-Leste still needs Xanana Gusmao to serve as President for the next five-year period. For the purpose of discussing this, PNT would meet President Xanana Gusmao soon. Conceding that the recent military and political crisis has minimized the charisma of Timorese leaders including Xanana Gusmao, Araujo said that there is no other leader in the country who can replace Xanana for the time being. (STL)

RTTL news headlines

PM Horta visits Prisoners in Becora Jail

PM Horta yesterday visited prisoners in Becora prison. The intention of the visit was to wish the prisoners well for the festive season and for the New Year in 2007. PM Horta said that his visit to the prison is a sign of solidarity and as a Catholic on such a special occasion as Christmas, it is his obligation to visit the prisoners because they are also sons and daughters of God. The visit has nothing to do with justice; the process for justice will continue and the court will decide who is right and who is wrong, PM Horta added.

Illegal Occupation

Justice Minister Domingos said that the illegal occupation of houses is against the law. He suggested to those people whose houses are occupied by other inhabitants that they should file reports with the office of the Prosecutor-General and the Office of Land Property for processing and investigation. The Office of the Minister of Justice has instructed the Director of Land and Property to collect the data of how many houses have been occupied illegally and the government will take action against the illegal occupants in accordance with the law of Timor-Leste, added Mr. Sarmento.

International Media Reports

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]


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