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Dissemination of CAVR Report 'Chega!'

Acting on instructions from the President of the Republic, the Post-CAVR Technical Secretariat (PCTS) today delivered copies of the CAVR Report 'Chega!' to a number of donors and embassies in Dili.

"Today, we delivered hard copies of the full CAVR Report to officials of 12 embassies or agencies with a request that the copies be handed to the heads of Government in each country concerned. Those to receive copies today were Australia, Brazil, China, European Commission, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the USA", said Rev Agustinho de Vasconselos, Director of the PCTS.

The Report was also delivered today to the Head of UNOTIL, SRSG Dr Sukehiro Hasegawa, and to the UNOTIL Human Rights Unit for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and to the Co-Chairs of the Timor-Leste/Indonesia Commission for Truth and Friendship. Copies were also handed over to the respective Embassies for delivery to the Prime Minister of Portugal and Speaker of the Portuguese Parliament, and the Indonesian MPR and KomnasHAM.

"The President of the Republic has also asked PCTS to send the Report to the Vatican, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Center for Transitional Justice and to the CPLP countries, France, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada and the European Human Rights Commission', said Rev Vasconselos. "This is being done separately as these governments and organizations do not have direct representation in Timor-Leste".

In an accompanying letter, the President of the Republic wrote that he is providing the Report in line with the recommendations in the Report "pertaining to the wide distribution of the Report to the international community". His letter reiterates that "in spite of being pleased with the work undertaken by CAVR, I do not agree with all its recommendations, above all, because in the recent years, the commitment of the international community and some key countries to help rebuild Timor-Leste and our State based on Rule of Law has been remarkable, responding beforehand to some of the recommendations just made by the Commission".

The PCTS is preparing to make the Report available next week to civil society organizations in Timor-Leste preceding an intensive 6-month community dissemination program.

Further information: Rev Agustinho de Vasconselos. Mobile 723 4935.


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