Subject: RMDH: second phase of joint monitoring


(Timor-Leste Human Rights Monitoring Network)

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Secretariat at The HAK Association, Gov. Serpa Rosa

T-091 Farol-Dili Timor-Leste, Kontaktu: +670 724 7135

Dili, June 2006

Press statement: Second Joint Monitoring Team

Even several political and legal measures had been taken by Timor-Leste leaders to end crisis within community. One of important measure is arrest and starting trial to the former Interior Minister of TL Rogerio Lobato, following by resignation of Mari Alkatiri from Prime Minister of Timor-Leste June 26, 2006. It is not totally re-established freedom of people with a dignity. In the transitional crisis to forming new government interim within July 2006, lack of security measure, social and economic life of people still in unstable.

RMDH is one of networking of human rights NGOs that consist by to NGO compost from Perkumpulan HAK, FOKUPERS, JSMP, LABEH, FTM, Alola Foundation, ET-WAVE, FFS-Oecusse, HASATIL and KSTL. RMDH established in July 2004.

As far as RMDH with Joint Monitoring Team and analysis to the situation of human rights within community during present time. State that life condition of internal refuge in the IDP camps around Dili and district is quit apprehensive. A lot of numbers from children and women groups are living under favorable condition. Those populations under IDP camps and in some district still getting lack of access to education, health services, food, shelter and latrine and clean water.

Base to the RMDH monitoring till June 2006 about 217 people has been arrest by international soldiers such as from Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and GNR from Portugal. Those total suspect arrested has been brought to the preliminary trial (hearing) in the Dili district court. We are identified that about 10 suspect are under detention process include Rogerio Lobato, former Minister of Interior. The distribution of humanitarian aid by International Agency is not totally responding to such as problem mentioned above.

Into to respond these crises in human rights perspectives has been setup Joint Monitoring Team by RMDH and PDHJ to do monitoring activities within community as well as in IDP camps in Dili and some districts. For the on going, has been agree to continuing activities of monitoring which will be focus on area of security of life, judiciary and detention process and humanitarian aid following by some visits to the districts.

The main objectives of these monitoring activities are to ensure guarantee and fulfillment basic rights of people within society and IDP camps. To engage these objective has been agree to involve about 30 volunteer include staffs from RMDH organization members and PDHJ staffs. In the end of this mission, will be writing up report to the public.

Contact to: 1). Secretariat of RMDH: Rogerio Viegas Vicente (+670 7299366), or 2). Coordinator Board RMDH: Aniceto Neves (+670 7247135), e-mail:

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