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Daily Media Review Thursday, 29 June 2006

National Media Reports

RTTL Threatened

An unknown group threatened staff at the national radio and television station yesterday (28/6). According to a communiqué which Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) received, the group entered the newsroom and starting throwing chairs and threatening to burn motorcycles owned by some of the staff. The situation returned to normal after GNR responded and dispersed the group. Following the incident, the Director called a meeting with staff and decided to suspend Radio and Televisão Timor Lorosae (RTTL) until security measures are in place, saying that the attack on the national broadcast is against the democratic principles and counters the restoration of peace and harmony in Timor-Leste. (STL)

Youth Groups Involved in Clashes

Two youth groups from east and west were involved in clashes on Tuesday night following former Prime Minister Alkatiri’s statement accusing people from the west as looters and arsonists. Based on observations by a source of STL’s, around 9am on Wednesday (28/6), in the area of Comoro there were rocks thrown between people from the east and west followed by the burning of the Fretilin secretary’s office in Dom Aleixo region in Dili District as well as nearby houses. The Australian troops and the national fire fighters managed to contain the blaze. Five people were detained by Portuguese elite police, GNR, for alleged involvement in the arson attack of the office. (STL)

UDT rejects position claimed by the opposition parties

União Democratica Timorense (UDT) has denied their participation in the declaration made by other opposition parties rejecting former Prime Minister Alkatiri’s return to the Parliament. The party’s President, João Carrascalão reportedly said he was surprised when the media reported UDT as one part of the opposing parties, noting that no representative from UDT was present when the statement was made. (STL)

Parliament will be dissolved if not active

President Gusmão has issued 30 days for the Parliament to reactivate and establish a new government. “If during this time, the National Parliament is still facing difficulties to establish the government, the President of the Republic has the possibility to dissolve the Parliament in anticipation of general elections,” said a communiqué released by the President’s Office. In response to the current situation, the President of the Republic, according to the Parliament, began working to form the new government. (STL)

Inational Media Reports


East Timor hit by more violence

Fresh violence broke out yesterday in Dili, East Timor's capital, as gangs set fire to homes and threw rocks at a refugee camp, just two days after the resignation of the prime minister raised hopes of an end to the political crisis.

he violence, the worst in weeks, came after Mari Alkatiri, who resigned as prime minister on Monday amid allegations he had armed a hit squad to target political opponents, lashed out at his critics in a televised tirade on Tuesday night.

espite pledging in Monday's resignation statement not to inflame tensions, he appeared in his speech to try to play on what has become an increasingly violent ethnic faultline between eastern and western East Timorese. "They destroyed Dili town, burned, looted and killed our people, and then they accuse me of being a terrorist, communist and a killer," he said.

he violence came as the country awaited the appointment by President Xanana Gusmao of a caretaker government and the possible dissolution of parliament. A senior western diplomat warned yesterday that the violence could worsen.

Thousands of supporters of Mr Alkatiri and his Fretilin party, which holds 55 of the 88 seats in parliament, had gathered on Dili's eastern outskirts and were likely to try to enter the capital.

"If they come in and just demonstrate, then fine," the diplomat said. "But the fear is that they are coming in to seek reprisals for the homes of easterners that have been burnt by westerners."

The roots of the crisis lie in Mr Alkatiri's sacking of 600 soldiers from the western districts after they went on strike complaining of discrimination by eastern commanders close to him.

An Australian-led peacekeeping force deployed in May has until now succeeded in shepherding peaceful political demonstrations through Dili. But there have been no big shows of force by Mr Alkatiri's or Fretilin's supporters since the peacekeepers landed.

Of the few easterners still living in the city, most are in camps, the biggest of which was attacked by rock throwers yesterday.



(More than 4,000 demonstrators in 200 trucks entered the city at 3:30 p.m. to express their support for the government, the party and the leadership of Mari Alkatiri)

Díli, 29 Jun (Lusa) - Mais de quatro mil manifestantes, apoiados em cerca de 200 viaturas, entraram hoje às 15:30 (hora local, 07:30 em Lisboa) na cidade de Díli para expressarem o apoio ao Governo, ao partido e à liderança de Mari Alkatiri. Os manifestantes entraram na cidade pela área da Areia Branca e deverão, sob o olhar atento de dezenas de militares australianos e neo-zelandeses, percorrer algumas ruas da capital antes de se dirigirem para o Palácio das Cinzas, sede da presidência da República, onde pretendem entregar uma petição ao presidente Xanana Gusmão. Depois do Palácio das Cinzas, os manifestantes dirigir-se-ão para o Palácio do Governo onde serão autorizados a descer das viaturas para participarem numa concentração comício onde intervirão alguns dirigentes, prevendo-se que o Secretário-Geral Mari Alkatiri se lhes dirija. à cabeça da manifestação vêm vários blindados militares australianos. A organização da concentração foi concertada na reunião realizada quarta-feira em Díli entre representantes da Fretilin, das forças militares internacionais e da GNR.


National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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